Cashing in achievements, prestige mode

redlinederby Monday, 6/3/2013
Site manager

Was reading about another game and was thinking of stealing the idea of cashing in achievements. The game in the article let players exchange achievements for points and even combine achievements for more points...thought it sounded interesting.

I know the achievements now are starting to max out and it's getting harder for me to come up with new ones within the current limitations of the game, so maybe this would help refresh things a bit???

Also thought that maybe stealing a Call of Duty pattern and having some sort of "prestige" mode might be nifty too. So you cash in all your achievements (resetting you to zero) and you have to start over at working towards getting them all over again. Anyone that does this would get a special icon or something so people would know of their awesomeness, and there would be certain minimum requirements to be able to cash in everything.

Just throwing stuff out there...lemme know what you think

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