Championship racing series season 1 qualifier

revhobbies Monday, 11/22/2021

Hey guys I've been lurking here for quite awhile and decided to create my own track thanks to all of your ideas.  I have been watching a lot of your guys videos and have gotten a lot of inspiration from them, so THANK YOU!  I just posted my first youtube video and would love if you guys could check it out.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


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InsaneG 11/22/21

The video is awesome! Your diorama and commentary are great too! There were plenty of camera angles so you can definitely see what's happening everywhere! The lighting needs to be improved but your first video is awesome! Great job and subbed as well

  • Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and will definitely look into the lighting. I think the start cam does need more lighting. — revhobbies

Diorama looks fabulous, love me some static grass!  Track runs pretty well too. Good luck with the channel, sub'd.

  • Ayyyy thank you so much! I tried the grass mat at first but didn't like the look so I had to go static lol. — revhobbies
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revhobbies 12/5/21

New Qualifying event is up!

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Crazy_Canuck 12/6/21

Wow! Awesome looking track...would be interesting to see weighted cars make a run down...(assuming what you are running right now is stock weight) looks like the start gate has a bit of a gap for some of the cars as they jump out of the gate. Everything else looks great! I like the fact that some cars run off into the grass and up on the curbs...layout is nice too! Can't wait to see more, and if you plan on hosting mail ins. Keep up the good work

  • Thank you for checking it out! Yes these are all stock weight cars... I will try some weighted ones and see how it goes. It should be good as long as they have a low center of gravity. It's a possibility that I may do some mail ins in the future???? — revhobbies
  • Oh yeah that gate has been an issue, the cars were really jumping in the first vid but I think I got it running as best I can for the 2nd video... we'll see how it goes, if not I'll have to switch it to a manual gate and use a pull string. — revhobbies
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revhobbies 12/13/21

Qualifier #3 is up! Almost Playoff time!

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Bolo_Brown 12/13/21

This is a very nice track what's your YouTube channel

  • — SpyDude
  • Thank you! SpyDude beat me to it lol — revhobbies
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SpyDude 12/13/21

Dude .... nice track.  I enjoy seeing people throw a few more curves in rather than just a back-and-forth track like so many others.  The work on the track is model railroader top-notch quality, although as many others have said, the start gate needs a little work. Great commentary, as well - you're doing it right!

Let us know when you plan on doing any mail-in races.  I'd like to run on this track.

  • Thank you for posting the link to my channel in the reply above! I appreciate the kind words, it really encourages me. I am having a blast filming and editing and have a lot more to come! Track will be getting some tweaks and visual upgrades soon as well.... I will probably do a mail in once i get it nailed down. Thanks again! — revhobbies
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revhobbies 12/20/21

The last qualifier is up!  Quarter finals coming up next!!!  thank you to everyone who has watched and supported me so far! <3

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revhobbies 12/27/21

Quarter Finals part 1 is live! thanks for the support guys! you all are amazing!!!!

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revhobbies 1/3/22

Quarter finals part 2 is up! We are getting closer to that Championship race!  I appreciate the support!!!

Track runs smooth and looks great. Production is solid! Hope to race there soon! Sub'd! 

  • Thank you! Love watching your channel as well???? — revhobbies
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