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Championship Racing Series Season 3: Muscle & Power (Full Roster)

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I would like to join in on this race. 

  • Sure I'll hold 2 spots for you, just let me know if you're sending 1 or 2 entries, thanks! — revhobbies

Hey Rev, is it possible for you to use the red car I sent you? Will gladly send the $7

I'm in for one, please.

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MQHracing 3/2/22

Is there still room to enter?

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revhobbies 3/3/22

Question was asked if hybrids were acceptable... Yes I will count a hybrid as an electric.  I am taking 60 entries before closing registration... 9 slots left.

  • My 2 entries should be there by the end of next week give or take — Rusty_Rod
  • Sounds good, thanks! — revhobbies

I would like to enter 2 cars for Man Child Motorsports

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Bongo 3/7/22

Bongo Motorsports is in for one car -- Something electric!


Two questions:

1) What are your requirements for it to be a Muscle Car?  For example, some consider the 60's Nova as a small affordable car but ordered with the V8 it was than considered a Muscle car.  

2) With a car that is pushing 60 grams stock, is sanding and dry lubing the tires make it modified, or is more work required?

Thank you,

  • Yes I will accept the Nova, I consider any work done to enhance the stock car modified. Even just slapping a paint job on and touching nothing else. — revhobbies
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ShannonBR 3/19/22

If spot 60 isn't taken, I'll take it for Down Squad Racing.

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CrazyEights 4/1/22

My car was shipped today. 

  • Awesome I'll keep an eye out for it. I will be posting the arrivals on my Instagram @revhobbies. — revhobbies

Cars on their way!

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Numbskull 4/27/22

I waited to the last minute, because I'm good at that.  But, I should arrive on time-ish.  I will ship with priority. 

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