Chaos Canyon 2.0

Chaos_Canyon Sunday, 7/26/2020

The new Chaos Canyon is finally ready to be revealed


Bravo...I love it!!!

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Mayfield41 7/26/20

That is an awesome build. I hope to send a car over the bridge someday

  • Thanks. We have some competitions coming up so you might get a chance ???? — Chaos_Canyon

Looking fantastic CC! You must manage your time well!

Love the Zephr under the hay.... You certainly had tons of those in rl in NZ!


  • Thanks mate. Yeah, that Zeph is one of my childhood cars in the state I found it recently, damaged paint, now interior or base etc. Looking forward to actually resurrecting it at some point cause I love the shape of it :) — Chaos_Canyon
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Rusty 7/26/20

One of the coolest intro's I've seen!!!!!!!

Got to love that track too....

  • Thank you :) Wanted to do something a bit different — Chaos_Canyon
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SpyDude 11/5/20

DUDE .............. that's a great track.  Hope one day to race on it.  I love all the little details that make it look like it's abandoned and falling apart.

  • Thanks. If you checkout the forum on our website, we've just opened up the rules for our first mail-in. It's not a normal free for all mail-in because it's for our new Canyon Outlaws series. — Chaos_Canyon
  • This is such an awesome build. — SpyDude
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