Chaos Canyon Helix 2.0 build journal

Chaos_Canyon Tuesday, 3/9/2021

So we just launched out rebuilt Helix 2.0 track this week for our Mustang tournament. Taking lessons that we learnt from the first version last year, we extended the straights between the first set of cross over jumps, then for the second set of crossovers, we made them solid track, rather than jumps, to reduce accidents and allow more cars to finish

Now, being the Canyon, there was still a fair amount of chaos and a coule of DNF's but we're really happy with this version. The small issue with the left hand exit at the end of the course was only discovered after this was filmed, and it was due to a small stone from the diorama being caught under the last piece of track which made a large bump as they exited on that side but that has been fixed now.

here's a video of some of the behind the scenes testing and setup of the track

Check out the video of the finished races below

We have also decided that we like this track so much, it will be left set up (apart from the final stretch which has to be removed for racing on the main track) from now on, instead of being fully removed all the time to swap the tracks out.


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SpyDude 3/10/21

This is nice. I like the double helix setup and crossovers, but I did think that having the original double jumps was a bit too much for the track. The single jumps work out a lot better. Great run!

  • Thanks. Whenever we try something totally new, it always becomes a learning experience. And we learnt a lot from the first one lol. Pretty happy with the new layout, still not perfect, but because 95% can make a clean run we're happy with it as is, cause then it is more like a real rally, where you do get the occasional crash etc when drivers pick their speed/line wrong ;) — Chaos_Canyon

That was really fun to watch the behind the scenes making and testing!  I think it turned out awesome! 

  • Thanks. We're really happy with the new track. So much so we're going to use it for more than just the rally too — Chaos_Canyon
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