Cheap and simple 2-lane stop box

rsb0204 Tuesday, 4/12/2016

Ive been working on a small 2 lane drop for a shelf in my display area, naturally i needed a catch box. I needed to make something that would display well though, most boxes are function over design, (not that there's anything wrong with that) i also wanted it to "blend" well with other HW products. The best way i could find to do this was to disassemble a 2 lane launcher and attach it to the end of the track with impact absorbing material in place if the launching mechanism. i tried several types of launcher and eventually found the launcher included with this set to be the best for my intended use.

removing the launching mechanism is a simple enough matter, press in on the tabs with a screwdriver, twisting the clip to "work it out" seemed to help as well. of course you need to remove the rubber band first.

after its been gutted it looks something like this, not bad. note the way the track fits into this launcher. most launchers are slightly narrower than HW track, this one is slightly wider. this allows cars to enter it without clipping the edge of the launcher and is one of the primary reasons i chose this particular launcher.

ive tried using a few different types of sponge to absorb the cars impact against the box, but i like these the best, they are the softest sponges i have ever gotten my hands on and are non-abrasive. very easy on vehicles paint work.

i souldent have to tell you how to cut a sponge... even if i did you wouldn't listen, everyone seems to have their own method. in the end this is the shape i ended up with, you can see my ultra high-tech cutting device in the background. the groove in the center is necessary to clear the center rail of the box.

i cut the sponge ever so slightly too large to fit in the launcher so it is held in place by the box.

and that's about it, total investment was $13.73, $12.98 for the set and 75 cents for the sponge. but does it work? well, there's only one way to find out. in this race we will put an original 1970 king kuda club car against a hot wheels classics plymouth superbird.

And we have a winner! the box seems to have worked well enough, although i fear the cars may jump out of it at higher speeds, but it works well for my intentions.


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fordman 4/13/16

with the sloppy stopper i set the foam in its own box, [4" x 4" plastic electrical box],  connected the box to a screw between the lanes then absorbed impact to the box with elastics attatched to the screw... TE ran the elastic under the box, cool...

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