Check these customs out!

Jobe Thursday, 8/12/2010

Guy did these for his wedding favors! Too cool

Doesn't hurt he works for Hot Wheels though.



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David 8/12/10

That is awesome. I bet you could do business cards like that too. Although might be kinda hard to put one in you wallet.

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JDC442 8/12/10

To make a modified is one thing, but to be able to make your own packaging is way over the top cool!!

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redlinederby 8/12/10
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Wow, that's inspiring. That's the whole kitnkaboodle right there, I'm jealous. But we can all at least take some joy in knowing that guy has spent a ton of the tools to create all of that. If I had money to burn or could get some ROI on customizing, I'd try and do the same thing.

For some reason knowing the amount of investment required helps me fight the jealousy

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