Chevy Stocker vs Smith Land Rover MkII vs Cadillac 16v FTE

ChiefWopahoo Saturday, 5/25/2024
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Pick one! Thought I’d try another rip-n-race just for fun. This time let’s try 3 stalwarts of the downhill racing word. The metal base Chevy Stocker, Land Rover Mk II (now banned from Nationals competition I hear) and the much sought after Cadillac Sixteen FTE. Which do you think will take the win? I’ll crack ‘em and run ‘em tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and post up the results.

So, which one are you going with?


Cadillac V/16

Who won?

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ChiefWopahoo 6/2/24
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My apologies, I ran the test race & posted the reults on a couple local group pages, got busy and forgot I didnt post here. Below is a you tube link to the races - 3 races with each car running each lane once, and the times averaged to come up with a winner.

Check it out here

Chevy vs Land Rover vs Caddy

Yeah i'm not surprised... v16 is the GOAT. How much did you have to pay for it? $25? They're not easy to come by

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