Class of 19 - the Funny Cars

RobertBcfc Wednesday, 7/24/2019

Obviously historically they have been among the fastest cars out there, but how do the new castings stack up?

I bought one of the 2018 versions and it was woeful, not even a pale (plastic) imitation of what went before.

Similar story with this year’s offerings, or are there gems out there to be uncovered?


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WorpeX 7/24/19

I've personally never had good luck with any Funny Cars. I have quite a few but apart from Snake/Mongoose none of them are super impressive.

Nothing in new runs I've found have been like the 15-20 year old FC's? They were all quick but its fun finding the rare ones that are fast on another level.

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RobertBcfc 7/25/19

Thanks guys - I know a lot of the faster Funnies got “retooled” 7 or 8 years ago - they no longer opened and were plastic rather than metal on metal.

I think I’ll stick with the older ones.  I picked up a 2008 T Hunt the other day which is HEAVY!  Excited to see how it runs.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/25/19
Event coordinator

The Funny Car Division in the Poppa Speed Top Fuel Invitational will have some fast Funnies...of that you can be sure 

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