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Classic Muscle Car Masters

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Team164Bruno 1/11/21
2020 Rated Rookie

Gotta get in on this one. Are 60 & 71 both available?

  • Done and done! Looking forward to you joining the race! — Kaiju_Colorado
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Ddozzer 1/11/21

I'm new around here and have gist of the rules, this will be my first race and custom diecast I have ever built. I would like to know if there are some kind of unwritten rules yall live by, thing a newbie would not know also if you have any "tips" they would be much appreciated. Also I would like to request #36 if it's available. Thank you.

  • I'm not an experienced modder (only because I just finished my track and have no time for anything else). But there are some easy tips and tricks found here on the forum. Just copy and paste this URL: — Kaiju_Colorado
  • You do learn as you go. My only recommendation is regarding painting. Use CitriStrip Stripping Gel to remove the paint off the body. Then go to any hobby store and pick out a color and clearcoat of the same brand that is used for model cars. If you mix brands or use other common spray paints, you may experience bubbling. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • And I have you down for #36! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thank you — Ddozzer

That's awesome can I please get number 14 

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RAGTAG_JIM 1/13/21

could i please get the number 220.... if not could i please request 87?

  • What do you wish for? GRANTED! Thanks for joining! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • preferably 220.... but was not sure if that would be allowed lol — RAGTAG_JIM
  • ok i just reread the rules and would like to request 87 so my daughter could also race as well... thank you and will get working on our cars this weekend!!! — RAGTAG_JIM
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Chaos_Canyon 1/13/21

Dude, put me down for #13 :)

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MoparMAC 1/13/21

May I have #7 please? MAC RACING...

Ok, just a clarification regarding return postage and prize for this race. I have also edited the main entry to try and reduce confusion.

Any participant may have their car returned if they pay for return postage. If you choose not to pay for return postage, you forfeit your car and it will be sent to the winner as a consolation. But the real prize for the winner is being able to compete in the King of Monsters competition at the end of the year, and be logged as a 1st place in your stats here on Redline Derby. So if you win, don't expect a bunch of cars. If a builder pays for return postage they deserve to have it returned.

I can try to see if I can get some swag from other places, but there is no guarantee.

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Big_Mac 1/14/21

I would like to claim #24

Hi, I'm a little confused.  It says two car limit per household, then later says two car limit (one primary and one backup).  My interpretation of that is we're supposed to send two cars (one primary and one backup) that are supposed to represent the same entry, so would get the same number.  But then I see some folks have been assigned more than one number, so is it actually 4 cars we would send in, 2 primary, and two backup?  Each "entry" is two cars?  

If that's the case, may I have #17 and #1, please?  If it's the former, then just #17.  Thanks, looking forward to it!

Oh and name is Team DRT3K.

  • Done and done! Thanks for participating. DM sent. — Kaiju_Colorado

Thanks for all the questions folks! It's my first mail-in, but all the questions are very good and making it better overall. There was a question regarding the 2 car limit. I have also edited the original post in BOLD, but will also answer it here so everyone is notified.

Limit 2 entries per household. You may have up to 2 primary cars entered into the race with 2 different number assignments. You may also send a back-up car for each primary entry you send in.

So some builders may be sending in 2 primary cars to race, while others are 2 different builders but racing for the same team. Or even one team wants one number for their primary and a different number for their back up. I will update each team name on the number assignment roster to specify.

I am planning on a 48-car bracket. I don't expect to get that many, but who knows. It may end up being 64 cars total. lol

Yes, two entries!  May I also have #44 please?  Thanks Robert!

We'll take #'s 55 and 22 if thats alright

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