Classifying track styles, groupings

redlinederby Monday, 12/2/2019
Site manager

I need to add some additional data points to the Track Directory but need some help coming up with a good set of groupings for track styles.

The purpose for classifying tracks is so that once car performance data is captured, you could see how a certain car performs on different types of track layouts. Something like, "the Bone Shaker does better on a drag strip compared to a road course," type of lookup.

Here are the buckets I have so they make sense? What other groups would you have?

  • Laned drag strip
  • Laned road course
  • Open road course (fat track)
  • Trick course (jumps, bumps, loops, etc)

The groups don't need to be too granular...fewer the better, actually, to keep things simple.

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