'Coaster King' video

GspeedR Monday, 4/2/2012

I've had the privilege of track testing several of Smitty's creations in the short time I've been here. Many of them are long, heavy, and somewhat fragile...which is more than conducive to running fast in a strait line on a solitary lane, and they do. As many of you know, my preferred "testing methods" involve banked curves & wide, lane-less track. So none of Smitty's beautiful customs have ever been 'open track' candidates..."Coaster King"




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WorpeX 4/2/12

Nice Video! If you still have the featherweight cars, you should do a mini-tournament on that track! Only with cars that the owner approves of using anyway. I know my Bedlam is AWESOME in the turns (it was on my track anyway)! I'd allow you to run my Bedlam and Matchbox Camaro as much as you want on that Open Track!

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model40fan 4/2/12

go ahead and run fred and my cars they have pretty much shown what they've got... or haven't got

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