Coning wheels: Video Tutorial

Ralph_Technology97 Saturday, 5/15/2021

I've been away for some time due to college but I am back now with a video tutorial on how to cone wheels! 


-Rotary tool with polishing felt: The felt is so the wheel rolls on a smooth surface while operating.

-Pliers or wirecutters: This is to hold the axle with one hand and the other works on the wheel.

-Utility blade: These are the best ones to use because of how durable they are and their sturdiness keeps them from bending so you will get a consistent cut.

-Eye protection: Always wear it! No exceptions!

Video tutorial:


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Uncle_Elvis 5/15/21

If you are going to do that, should the cone not be the other way? 

  • If your concern is stability, then it doesn't matter. Cars roll just fine with this type of coning — Ralph_Technology97
  • True, but in this case, while the car is rolling, there will be six contact points on the track (four on the ground, two on the track sidewalls). If you cone the wheels the other direction, the large edge will be on the outside of the wheel, and will only contact the edge where the sidewall and base of the track meet. — SpyDude
  • Oh, wait ........ you were the original guy who posted the OTHER topic about coning wheels, too...... — SpyDude
  • — SpyDude
  • Yes that's me lol I wrote an article explaining that inverted coned wheels are better for cars that have a wide wheelbase because of the reasons you stated (Example: Ferrari Italia). Now, for cars with a short wheelbase then it doesn't really matter. Thank you for your input! — Ralph_Technology97
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