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Your feedback is what makes Redline Derby Racing a fun place to hang out, so please share your thoughts.

The story of Redline Derby Racing

Redline Derby Racing was created when I, Brian Vaughn, started getting back into collecting Hot Wheels after a 25-year hiatus. But this time I wanted to do more with them than just put them on a shelf. I wanted to play with them and as an adult I knew I could play with them in ways I couldn’t as a kid. I started customizing cars and writing about my new hobby. Then I read about a group in Omaha that started a bar racing league which inspired me to do something similar but online where more people could play.

The Redline Derby Fantasy League

The Redline Derby Racing Fantasy League is a truly unique game that asks players to pick the fastest Hot Wheels cars in weekly tournaments that are held all around the country. Although based in Ohio, Fantasy League racing has crossed the country racing on wonderful home made tracks built by hobbyists like you. The Fantasy League was the seed that has grown into what you see today, one of the top diecast racing communities around.

The diecast racing community

The Redline Derby is where you’ll find the best modders and racers in the world talking about the hobby they love. The community is the heart of Redline Derby Racing and makes it a great place to hang out and have some fun. I need to thank everyone that has traveled through Redline Derby Racing because everyone has made a difference.

I hope Redline Derby Racing offers something you can enjoy, whether it be meeting new people or playing in the online game. If you like what you find here, please consider making a small donation. Redline Derby Racing can only grow and improve, so please share your feedback and thanks for stopping by.

Support Redline Derby Racing

Redline Derby Racing is a project of passion but there is also overhead associated with running a web site. If you like what Redline Derby Racing offers, please consider making a small donation via Paypal. Any amount is appreciated and will help keep things up and running.

Donate via PayPal and receive a gift

We also accept donations of unopened Hot Wheels cars, so if a cash donation is not your thing, please consider sending in some cars. The cars you donate will be added to the Fantasy League game and raced against other donor cars and cars from my own collection. Your name will appear online with the cars you donate that get added to the Fantasy League.

Please send any physical donations to the following address:
Redline Derby Racing
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Sponsorships and Advertising

If you run a diecast-related business or web site and want to get your name and products in front of some of the most loyal and dedicated racers, consider being a Redline Derby Racing sponsor. There are several ways you can be a sponsor and all of them are very affordable. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Club partnerships

If you are a member of a diecast racing club or organization, please consider linking to Redline Derby Racing and we’ll reciprocate with a link back to your web site. Download the media kit and put a logo on your site with a link, then mail me and I’ll add your site to the official list of partners.