Cops and Robbers..CRIME SPREE

Stroller Wednesday, 6/5/2013

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I thought I would start a new posting for this tournament.

Basic Rules:
This is a single elimination tournament.
Stock or Mod (Modding makes it more fun)
No early Redline Wheels
Cars must weigh not less than 35 grams and not more than 57 grams.
Cars must be less than 3.5 " long.
Cars must be less than 1.25 " tall.
Only dry lubes are allowed.

Two cars per entry, One Cop Car, One Robber or "Bad Boy Car".

The Cop Car must have roof lights and lettering or insignias saying its a law enforcement vehicle.
Basically it should look like a Cop Car. No undercover cop car or unmarked cop car.
Allowed are Police, Sheriff, Marshals, Secret Service, Forest Rangers, Border Patrol, Military Police.
Sorry no private security or fire department vehicles.

The Robber Car is a wild card just about any type is allowed after all they could be stolen.

Races will be in three parts:
Race 1: Cops vs Cops
Race 2: Robbers vs Robbers
Race 3: Top Cop vs Top Robber for the over all winner.

Anyone else want to host a race?

Entrants So Far:

Sloppy Jalopies (Arrived !! 6/22/13) # 1 & #2
Stroller Racing (Here already.) #3 & #4
Clay Feat Race Team(Here already) #5 &#6
Team Half Fast (Arrived!! 7/5/13)+ #7 & 8
Enforcement Racing(Arrived !! 7/5/13) # 9 & # 10
Traction Event(Arrived !! 7/5/13) #11 & #12
FishtailArrived !! 7/5/13) # 13 & #14
Nightstalker9 (Arrived !! 7/6/13) #15 & #16
Everlings Authentic Performance(Arrived !! 7/8/13 ) #17 & #18
Delta6 (Arrived !! 7/8/13 ) #19 & #20
DVB Racing(Arrived 7/10/13) #25 & #26
FOTF(Arrived 7/10/13) #29 & #30
Rally Case Racing(Arrived 7/10/13) #23 & #24
Weber Cabin Racing(Arrived 7/10/13) #21 & #22
Windswept Racing(Arrived 7/10/13)#27 & #28
JDC 442 Racing(Arrived 7/11/13) #31 & #32
TasteLikeDirt Racing(Arrived 7/12/13) # 33 & 34

All accounted for....

Tournament Schedule:

First Race is on July 14, 2013
Stroller Racing
2124 E. Marshall
Spokane Wa.

Second Race is on July 21, 2013
Traction Event

Third race is on July 28, 2013

Fourth Race is on August 4, 2013
Everlings Authentic Performance

Fifth Race is on August 11, 2013
Sloppy Jalopies
Mike Smith
141 Foster Rd.
Auburn,ME 04210-8879

When you mail your cars please include inside the box a piece of paper with this info:
1) Redline Derby Forum Name
2) Car names/Brands/colors (ex: Blue/Ford Crown Victoria/Hot Wheels
3) Race Team Name
4)Return Address (If you want your cars returned)

Please send $5.00 to the last host to help with shipping costs. If you want your cars back. Hosts do not need to send money.

Cars will have to arrive in Spokane, Washington by July 12, 2013. Please try to get them there by July 7. Avoid the last minute mailings if possible.

Description of Tracks:
Stroller Short Track
All segmented HW arrow track.
Homemade under track starting line.
3.5ft starting ramp at 18 degree angle.
8.5ft straight
Finish line salvaged from a Roll Up Raceway.

Adding a small prize package for the winner. If anyone else cares to send some prizes they would be welcome.


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Stroller 6/5/13

Oh the lights do not need to work....

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model40fan 6/5/13


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Stroller 6/5/13

Looked at the Paddy Wagon. It is an allowable exception.

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K_Harvest 6/5/13

Im In On This one

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everlings 6/5/13

Are ambulances allowed?

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Stroller 6/5/13

Only if the bad guys stole one......That would really be evil...

Fishtail and I are in! We will also host a race.

woooo wooooo woooo "pull over"

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model40fan 6/6/13

catch me if you can koppa !

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everlings 6/6/13

I'm in!

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model40fan 6/6/13

a stocker and a robber... "RAT PACK" .... "shot-up" classic Packard on a way 2 fast's base...
'05 FTE mid drift's rears, TR 6's fronts ;Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
55.6 grams...on a <57 gram limit

Stroller,bad boy cars must be "real" cars,or will fantasy cars be allowed?

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Stroller 6/6/13

Well in my way of thinking bad guys can drive about anything, because anything can be stolen.....