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Corvette Summer Series 2018

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 I'm super pumped up that I'm officially a part of my first redlinederby race!!!

  • Glad your here...Your a quality opponent and push me in the workshop. — LeagueofSpeed
  • So am i. Red pill I can't wait for this and the originals race to start — NDeavers80
  • We moved HW Originals back till Tuesday...We want to give each race our best effort — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh ok. Still can't wait for both. Hopefully I built good cars. — NDeavers80
  • As if the field wasn’t competitive enough. Welcome aboard Red Pill Racing and Go Go Maxzilla. Good to have you racing with us. — 41-14

Ha!!! It feels like Christmas Eve when I was a kid...plan is to set the Bracket tonight. The Vettes will be given even and one odd....for even number side of the bracket and odd number side of the bracket, so if you've raced with us before then your familiar with how we set-up the it assures that the same team can't meet up until the Final.

Every car won't race in Rd 1 if a car gets drawn into Rd will get a point, so the Rd 2 match-ups will each have 1 pt...I will help other host down the road so the BYES even out...if you get a BYE in Race 1 (Tobacco Road) wont get one in Race 2 etc.

It's going to be FUN!!!!

Peace and Speed - LoS 

  • Also, keep up with your cars number via the Bracket, as it will have the Numbers and not the Team Names and we will post the Numbers of the Cars — LeagueofSpeed

Jaskat Racing and 1/4 Mile Club have arrived on Tobacco Road...Welcome to North Carolina (well not you 1/4 Mile live here :) )

...Welcome to Corvette Summer 2018

Both Teams have passed Inpections and Weigh-In...the Gangs all here now.

The Field for Corvette Summer is 52 Corvettes vying for 1 Championship.

The Bracket will have 26 cars on each side of the Bracket...Get Your Popcorn Ready!!!

  • Sweet Doggies !!!!! Let the summer roll !!!!!! — JaSKaT_racing

All the teams have been assigned even and one odd. Raven Claw Racing and Wheels of Fire are single car teams and one is in the Even Side of the Bracket and the other is in the Odd Side...We are going to set the Bracket tonight...random draw of the Even and the Odd to set each side. We will start a new thread tomorrow, Corvette Summer 2018 - Tobacco Road Edition with the videos and other notes and updates pertaining to the racing will also include the Numbers for the Teams, as the Bracket will have Numbers and not Names on learn/write down your numbers.

Well, Corvette Summer rolls onward into the Summer of 2018...we have raced in three (3) states now and it's been some epic battles in every Series Race so we approach our next stop in Southern Utah, I just want to Thank Everyone involved in making this it's truly a Team effort through and through...and that does not...nor has not escaped me...a Very Special Shout-Out to 72 Chevy C10 for an outstanding hosting job without a Dog in the fight...I think I speak for us all in saying that!!!

...stay tuned race fans for more racing action to come as Corvette Summer rolls on!!!

The Corvettes are in the pits in Southern Utah....taking a holiday. I Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

In talking with CC Rider last week...his plan was to have the Corvette Summer Utah Edition uploaded this most likely some racing action by Sunday afternoon or sooner.

Peace and Speed - LoS 

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Diecast64 7/13/18

Yup, actually finished up racing last night. I'll be working on video tonight and hopefully have at least first round action for you tomorrow. By Sunday for sure. 

The Corvettes have raced in 5 States as they make there way back to NC for their second of three visits...I want to thank all the Host that have helped make this Series Event the fun that it's been...

FOTF...72 Chev C10...CC Rider aka 9.81 Racing and means a lot to me how people get involved to pull this off....I and the Hobby really appreciate it!!!

Next stop...Quest Speedway, NC...then I ship them to Mopie in the Sunshine State and Gulf City Dragway before they return for some road course action on Bootleg Run!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed and the rest of the Legion 

Well, one more stop remains in Corvette Summer 2018...a final and third return to NC and a date with Bootleg Run to close out the Series...for me, this has been a lot of fun and for those involved...hopefully fun as well. The Vettes will have raced 8 times in 6 states at the conclusion of Corvette Summer 2018 - Bootleg Run, NC and I once again want to thank our Host, as the hosting is now complete...Shout-Outs to....


72 Chevy C10

CC Rider aka 9.81 Racing


Mopar Mafia

...Thanks For Helping make this a Great Event here at Redline Derby.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed and the rest of the Legion

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41-14 8/20/18

My sentiments exactly. Thank you to all the hosts who took time out of their lives to host and allow us to feed our need for speed. This has been a great series and the final run on Bootleg Run should be an exciting finale to a wonderful summer of racing with the corvettes. Hats off to all who were involved, hosts and racers alike, job well done by all. From our house to yours. We salute you. 

41-14, Wild Rose, and Little Bug Racing. 

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redlinederby 10/30/18
Site manager

Just a quick update that Corvettes are expected to get shipped back to owners within the next week. Thanks again for LoS for managing the series.

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