Corvette Summer Series 2018

Friday, May 25th, 2018
LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 3/10/2018

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Corvette Summer 2018 - RLD Series Event.

The American Classic and true slice of Americana, since the early 1950's this car has been the dream of many...and to this still is. This Series Event is dedicated to that part of the American Dream....rolling down the open road of an American Summer with that V8 taking you where your heart desires.

The series will start on Memorial Day Weekend...and will finish on Labor Day Weekend. So, that is the beginning and end of summer. In June the Vettes will hit RI and July they hit Utah and August they roar into NC and then to Fla before they return to NC and a date with a nasty road course to finish up and claim a Champion.

The Corvettes would be 1953 to 1982...Generations 1-3 of the Corvette. 


Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum-57g(TE Rule)
  • Size restrictions; length and height-fit HW Orange Track
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.-2 cars per entrant(may be stock or modified or mixed)
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc-1953 to 1983 Gen 1-3 of Corvette.
  • Wheel limitations, requirements;- NA 
  • Stock cars allowed-Yes, but you will racing against modified cars.
  • Must be drilled rivets-Yes, but weights can be glued to bottom of Stocks(hybrid stock/mod), nothing attached to the roofs or bodies...keep the cars looking good.
  • Dry lubes only-Yes
  • Misc requirements-must make the first race to be part of the Series, cars can't join the field at a later date.


6" Trophy engraved and other goodies as well....and of course Glory!!!!

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.-Yes, please.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? -if you are hosting, you are responsible for the shipping cost to the next destination.

Where to send your cars

 PM me for my address if you don't have it already since the Series starts in NC on Tobacco Road.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

I need the cars on or before Friday May 25th 2018 to start the Series.

Scoring and Winning

 The winning Corvette for each individual race will get pub and some points, racers will get 1pt per win, 1pt for making the Finals/Championship race per track race. The points will be cumulative throughout the Series to determine our overall Champion. The cars will have to win two(2) in a row to advance on each track(the usual RLD format for victory).


 Just make weight and follow the rules...repairs if needed are the discretion of the Host...unless we are talking FUBAR, then that car would be out of the Series.

Tracks & Dates

 The Summer of 2018...Tobacco Road, LJLRC Track, Sussex Speedway, D64 2 lane, RLD Speedway, Quest Speedway, Gulf City Dragway....and Bootleg Run

Series tracks

  • May 25th, NC - Tobacco Road(LoS)
  • June 10th, RI - LJLRC Track(FOTF)
  • June 16th, NJ - Sussex Speedway(Chevy C10)
  • July 14th, Utah - D64 Two Lane Track(CC Rider)
  • July 21st, OH - RLD Speedway(The Boss)
  • August 4th, NC - Quest Speedway (LoS)
  • August 19th, Fla - Gulf City Dragway (Mopar Mafia)
  • September 1st, NC - Bootleg Run(LoS)

Winners and Results

The members youtube channels and FB pages most likely will tell the tale of Corvette Summer 2018.



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For the record....I'm pumped for this!!!! The entire Legion of Speed will be in the series, so 4 Teams/8 Cars from NC...Lady of Speed, Speed Force, Speedzilla and League of Speed.

Good Luck on your Quest for Speed....see ya in the Fast Lane!!!!

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72_Chevy_C10 3/10/18
Event coordinator

One of these beauties should be able to make the race!

And, if I can get my butt in gear, I'll restore one to donate to the winner! It will be restored back to it's original glory! 

Now, I just need more hours in my week!

  • Sounds Great Brother...You need to be in this Field!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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72_Chevy_C10 3/11/18
Event coordinator

I was looking around for other Vettes, and came across this's amazing how much they've change the scale on Hot Wheels since '68

  • The HW today are closer to 1/64 than early HW for sure — LeagueofSpeed


Believe it or not...the Corvettes are due at Tobacco Road in 2 today is March Corvette Summer starts in just two months. It's time to select your Vettes and get into your workshops. 

This is not one to drag your feet get to work my Brethren as Corvette Summer indeed now beckons to RLD.

One of my hopefuls for the series, and 83 Hot Ones Corvette....going to try and extract the ultra thin axels, polish them and reset without bending them and add some weight.

  • Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is rolling into their workshops — LeagueofSpeed


Don't let time slip away on you if your aiming to race in the series this Summer, as the Vette's are due in NC on May 25th.

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Mopar_Mafia 4/14/18

Just for clarification is that 1 stock and 1 mod per racer or 2 stocks and/or 2 mods per racer or 2 of each per team?

Just two cars total...racers choice...2 stocks...2 mods or 1 stock and 1 mod.

Since I've got Quest Speedway up and running for...The Quest for Speed...and it will be set-up for the show, I'm going to run them again in North Carolina in early August before sending the Vettes down to Mopar Mafia in Fla ...then Mopar Mafia sends them back to me for the final race on Bootleg Run. It gives us that one more track I was looking for in the Series.'s time to get serious about your Corvettes for this Series Event.

Quest Speedway

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Dadvball 4/17/18

I'm sending one stock and one mod. The mod is in paint stripper now. 

Also, be aware that in this field...Stock will be racing Modified, as it's not split classes.

Well, I've got the Corvettes picked out and all the axel swaps decided upon...the month of May and the rest of April will see the League of Speed Workshop at full bore...I'm looking forward to the Series and what other racers will be up to as Corvette Summer approaches.


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