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Corvette Summer Series 2018

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The Lady of Speed has requested this 65 Corvette Convertible/Roadster to go along with her Stingray Frost Raven.  I've got he FTE package just about ready to be put in...sanded down the rough spots in the wheel wells...nice and smooth now.

Had to remove the floor board and half the seats to be able to eventually add some choice by the Lady of Speed.

  • We had to lose the steering wheel...I expected that would be the case. — LeagueofSpeed

It's not much to look at right now, but after the black paint is added once the super glue sets-up... she'll look nice. It  weighed in a 25g stock and I've got it up to 51g modified...I can add a little more before weight before re-assembly and graphite.

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Mopar_Mafia 4/24/18

I am noticing that a lot of HW Corvette castings are on the lighter side

  • Yep..the 65 Vette will be the lightest of our fleet...she wanted me to modify this casting, just happy to have gotten it over 50g — LeagueofSpeed

Okay race's April 25th and the Corvettes are due at Tobacco Road in a month...4 weeks and 2 days actually. So, I hope all who want to participate in Corvette Summer are doing due diligence with there time and builds.

Peace and Speed - LoS 

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41-14 4/25/18


Wild Rose, Little Bug and 41-14 will be shipped out tomorrow, cars will all be sent together (corvettes and HW originals) to save on shipping.  Gonna be an awesome series. Been waiting for this one since the announcement.  See ya in the fast lane .


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Dadvball 4/25/18

I have to get going on all my cars. I've been tied up between yard work and building a new portable folding track for the LJLRC. We were needing something to fit a trailer for parades. Just about done with it. 

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Mopar_Mafia 4/25/18

I'm workin in the shop

The Lady of Speed's team is the first for the Legion of Speed to be ready for Corvette Summer...Speed Force has one in the Workshop as I type....get my Girl's cars done first and then finish my team, this is going to be Epic.

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redlinederby 4/30/18
Site manager

I found my entry car. The old boy has some bent axles so hes getting a new pair of shoes.

Quick question I was wandering if I could send my 2018 vettes? I have no other vettes that I have or could find. My vettes could just race in 2 or 3 events and not compete for points. I'd be willing to not graphite them. I just want to test the waters with my cars. I will send them with my Tobacco Road cars and pay $2 extra just 4 the trouble of sending them. Maybe they could just race in the races u r hosting? It would be kinda fun to see my cars compete for fun. Thank u 4 considering and I hope u will agree.


  • Sorry...this being a Series Event, I couldn't race them in the field with the other legal Vettes...however, I would run a few grudge matches after the Vettes are finished on Tobacco Road vs some of the Vettes in Corvette Summer. — LeagueofSpeed

Ok thats fine

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