Corvette Summer 2018 - The End of the Road

LeagueofSpeed Monday, 9/10/2018
Event coordinator

The Corvette Summer Series wrapped up this past weekend...and it was bittersweet to see it come to an end, but I believe it was a success from start to finish. We had some great battles on the tracks and I hope a lot of fun for all. There was a sense of camaraderie all summer long, which after the dry spell of racing last summer...was important, and one of the main reasons I wanted to see this series event happen here at was fun and it was needed. It was also great to see some new teams come over and join up here at RLD and get involved here on the site and the racing action!!! Much appreciated and Hope you'll stick around and become part of the Racing Family here at RLD.

Now the Burning Question...are we going to do this again next Summer...the Answer is "Yes" we are going to hold another summer long series event here at RLD...and "Yes" I've already decided upon the theme...and "Yes" it will be strictly another type of car. I'll put the thread up in October and bump it monthly to keep it out there in the mainstream so to speak and it will give the teams 8 months to build their two car teams for next summer...I'll have more details and hopefull expectations to ponder when that thread get's put up in October.

In Closing, I'd like to thank RLD for giving us a site to come together and have such an event...I'd like to thank all the Teams for getting ideas can't go anywhere if people don't want to race in the first place...and Thanks to all the Host who made Corvette Summer the success it was all summer long...Bravo!!!! Also, Congrats to our Corvette Summer 2018 Champion...9.81Racing aka CC Rider...great builds and dominate all Summer long...Job Well Done.

...Peace and Speed - League of Speed and the rest of the Legion


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redlinederby 9/10/18
Site manager

This series was needed. Bad. And I can't express how grateful I am to LoS for lighting the torch and for everyone else that carried it throughout the summer. I'm happy that RLD was the home for such a event...I know it made a big difference across the board (and I have the stats to prove it, too).

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And things went off without a hitch! No major problems, no major attitudes...just some good, fun racing. And for that, we have everyone to thank - hosts, racers, and spectators alike. I know I was happy to participate even though my efforts went unrewarded (but I'm used to that).

 The event was also a learning experience for myself and I have a short list of things that I can do to help make things even better next time.

I don't know what next summer will bring, but I'm sure I can safely say that we're all already looking forward to it.

  • Here here to what has been said already. Looking forward to the release next month. Maybe it will be something cool like Mopar Madness....... — Mopar_Mafia
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LeagueofSpeed 11/30/18
Event coordinator

Vettes will ship out today and finish shipping out on Monday...apologies for the "Endless Summer" on the shipping.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

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