Customizing and TuningCougaragun... 1/2 cougar, 1/2 nova wagon.

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Front half '68 cougar and the rear 1/2 '64 nova wagon... called Cougaragun ;

Project Cougaragun and some scraps ;

Front half of the roof had to be raised  and the rear roof lowered, posts had to be removed. wheel well hoggin' to come ;

a '55 bel-air gasser's base with 5 spokes, soon to be blacked out grill inserts, front and rear glass ;

Great mix of parts, and the roof line angle...killer.
Nice job, Smitty! Looking awesome so far!

ok boyz n' girlz...

 when you use the interior from a '55 bel-air gasser,  any like base fits...

 smitty can test [4] different gassers releases to pick Cougaragun's racing base...

please "thumbs up" your picks

grey ;

gold ;

black ; smitty, C10, k n o,

blue ;

eliminations Wednesday / Thursday

I'm with you, black. Second choice would be grey

That's a great combo of cars...I'm not a big gasser fan but that last photo in the set looks pretty awesome.

well...the bel-air bash has taken place...

 The favorite, the black '55 ran a  SLOW 1.427 and a 1.429...

the grey '55 ran a little better 1.401 and a 1.411...

the blue '55 ran a  close but no cigar 1.394 and a 1.396...

the gold '55 ran a winning 1.387 and a 1.392...

i crudely prepped the wheels with graphite , [didn't drill rivets]...

goldie rocks ran a 1.383 and a 1.379 and a *1.375 and a 1.382 and a 1.380... a "lucky"  lobster being chosen from the tank at the sea food shop,

 the gold '55 will soon be going under the knife / drill... and donate it's base to a "Wagon Warrior"

better racing through trial and error..testing...go Smitty Go!!!

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