Crash racer adaptors

GryphonSoul Tuesday, 8/2/2022

Hello I am wondering if any 1 has come up with a track adaptor for those odd corner pieces of the crash racer track? I have like 20 pieces of curve that is useless (as I'm msure many of you also have) because they don't have the connection tabs that would slide into a straight piece. 

I know there are several 3D printer shops. Has any 1 solved this and made available to the public?

I've not been able to find anything out there. Would be great if there was. If I had a 3d printer I'd do my own. I have the idea though. Any 1 out there want to take it to the next step and produce them? :) Mahalo


The only connectors I've designed have been for the straights and the standard exit to the corners nothing for the mid corner sorry. I know that a couple of others have designed new corners but they use different adapters to connect so aren't compatible with standard CR. From what I can see you'd really need to make the exit angles as they are, so a straight replica, but I'd guess the print price would be about the same as buying a whole new track so not sure on the economics of it. 

I can design them, but I will need measurements and such, I don't have a big enough printer for what I have in mind but I can give the files of the 3d design so they can print it. Just dm me and we can figure something out.

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GryphonSoul 8/2/22

Aloha Chaos and Savage thanks for the replies.

I'm not thinking of a full exit track piece (Which already exist in the crash racer sets). I'm thinking something similar to the the current straight track connects such as Chaos mentioned. But on 1 side have the clips that fit into the crash racer corners and the other side have the standard tabs that fit into the crash racer straight. I don't think it would be any longer or wider then the straight track connectors. Just have the 1 different sides as I desribed. :)

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