Crash Racers Track Connectors with screw holes

Racer1700 Thursday, 12/30/2021

Building a new AFCR track and stumbled across some connectors a few weeks ago with holes to screw the connector down on the sides of it, looked 3D printed. Looked for it again yesterday and today and can't find it at all. Anyone know of them elsewhere as I'm looking to buy some. Thanks


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Chaos_Canyon 12/30/21

I designed some side walls for crash racers that have holes to also secure them down and made the file available in thingiverse for free. I've also designed under track connectors that screw down as well but haven't made those available 

  • Doesn't seem to be what I saw but this looks like it will work in the same way, thank you! — Racer1700
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Kastey 12/31/21

I could modify our connectors to have holes in them so they could be screwed down.

  • Sounds cool! — Racer1700
  • Let me know if you would like me to make them for you. — Kastey
  • I just purchased some of these w/o holes last week. Kastey listed here as "blemished" but they looked fine to me. — PagodaRacing
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