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Sunday, April 5th, 2015
Stroller Sunday, 1/11/2015

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I was wondering if anyone would like to enter a "Show Only" tournament.  This would not be a race but a contest for the best looking car. 

This will be a posting online tournament. 

Take your best picture of your entry and then an under chassis pic to show your drilled rivets. Then just send your photos to:

Cars will be judged on paint, details, workmanship, and added details such as working components like opening doors, working lights and so on.

Every RLD member gets one (1) vote per category even if you do not enter any category.  Please vote for your favorite car/designer during the voting between each category, by sending your vote to me by way of a PM.  Please state what category you are voting for and who you are voting for.  Good luck to everyone.

Please do not vote for yourself as these will not count.

Do not send any cars !!!

Different Categories are:

  • Vintage- Cars between 1919 and 1930
  • Antique - Cars between 1931 and 1975
  • Classic - Cars between 1976 and 1995
  • Modern American -American made 1996 to Present
  • Modern Import -  Foreign Made 1996 to Present
  • Custom - Anything goes here
  • Muscle & Hot Rod -  You know what goes here. No Exotics allowed
  • Best Exotic - These are for Ferarris, Lambos, McClarens and such.  No Muscle or Hot Rods allowed here.
  • Barn Find - Rusted gold.  Add scenery if you like.
  • Best Pre-War - Before 1941
  • Overall Show Champion - Voted on by the entrants

Since I am not judging this tournament I will be entering this tournament.

You don't have to enter every category.

Our First Category will be Vintage Cars.  Submissions end on Sunday April 5th. Voting for this category ends on April 12th

Second Category will be Antique Cars. Submissions end on Sunday April 12th.  Voting for this category ends on April 19th.

Third Category will be Classic Cars. Submissions end on Sunday April 26th.  Voting for this category ends on May 3rd

Fourth Category will be Modern American Cars. Submissions end on Sunday May 3rd.  Voting for this category ends on May 10th.

Fifth Category will be Modern Import Cars. Submissions end on Sunday May 10th.  Voting for this category ends on May 17th

Sixth Category will be Custom Cars. Submissions end on Sunday May 17th.  Voting for this category ends on May 24th.

Seventh Category will be Muscle & Hod Rod Cars. Submissions end on Sunday May 24th.  Voting for this category ends on May 31st

Eighth Category will be Exotic Cars. Submissions end on Sunday May 31st.  Voting for this category ends on June 7th

Ninth Category will be Barn Finds. Submissions end on Sunday June 7th.  Voting for this category ends on June 14th.

Tenth Category will be Pre-War Cars. Submissions end on Sunday June 14th.  Voting for this category ends on June 21st.

Voting on the Champion Car.  Takes place after all the Category Champions are determined. The vote counting ends on June 28th or when everyone has voted.

All submission ending and vote ending happen at 6 PM Pacific Time on the specified day.

Yes you can enter more than one car for each category...

It is possible to have a tie...

Not sure what I am going to enter cause I am not a pretty car maker....and neither are the cars I


Traction Event


Stroller Customs

Sloppy Jalopies


Delta 6


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Stroller 1/12/15

New rules in post one.....nothing italics.....Stroller.

The Unique Category since it could also be included in Customs will be replaced with "Barn Find".  This category would not be for the nicest looking car but the most realistic car maybe in a scenario setting.

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model40fan 1/13/15

please sign up the sloppies for custom, muscle, hot rod...and maybe barn find...  go roller go !

  • Just enter the appropriate car during that categories week. — Stroller
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Stroller 1/14/15

I've just realized something in my little pea-brain.  I have no where to paint in this freezing weather.  And I am sure you guys may be having the same problem.  So I was thinking of asking you guys what you thought of instead of ending this on April 5th, that we start it on April 5th and adjust the other dates accordingly ?  .....Stroller

  • 13* below last night, 23* today... the wait will be great... — model40fan
  • It's a balmy 27* here in NJ today — 72_Chevy_C10
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model40fan 1/14/15

maybe a little "Nippler" for the car show ? 

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Stroller 1/14/15

Okay I am calling it.  The Custom Car Show Online is postponed till April 5th 2015. Which will be the last day to get your Vintage car entered.

Cool car there Smitty... I am gonna get my tukas handed to me in this

I got my Vintage ready, can't wait to show it...

Custom almost done...painted it in the laundry room...wife not happy...

my Antique needs can wait...or so I'm told.


This is a great chance to try stuff that may not be track fast, but things I've been wanting to try. Thanks Stroller.

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model40fan 1/14/15

how strict are the rules ? ... hot wheels tires and rims are not correct for most antiques [25 years old], holes in hood aren't antique on many cars... what about cars that hot wheels cast already chopped ?

is the year of the car close enough ?  

  • I'll be using Hot Wheels, wheels...whatever fits... — Traction-Event
  • This is a Custom car show so the basic "based on a certain car" should be okay. — Stroller
  • thanks roller. — model40fan

Stroller, another thought here,... maybe entry photos, and a short description could be sent straight to you via e-mail. Then you/RLD can post them, the builders then remain anonymous? I'm sure some builds will reveal their builders... but this might take any bias out of the voting?

Also I think voting should be opened up to anyone on the site, whether they built a car or not. Might help decide some ties?


Again thanks for the chance to build some wild rides I've had bouncing around in my head for sometime now....

  • ditto... who knows how many folks check out the stuff but aren't into cutting cars... — model40fan
  • I support both those ideas Chris. They would be good — KandORacing
  • I agree also let's do that...Stroller. I will add it up in the main rules in a while. — Stroller
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Stroller 1/16/15

Okay even more rule changes in the first post to reflect the suggestions posted above.  Good ideas guys.

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model40fan 1/20/15

 gonna go easy on the glue, then maybe I can donate them as prizes, and they can be recycled into fast racers.

... go RLD Modders go!

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Dadvball 1/20/15

I'm in. It's been a while since I've done any "just custom" cars so it should be fun. 

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model40fan 1/21/15

Stroller, you have created an animal... now I need a barn to go with my barn find... sheesh !

  • I'll bet you will have one mocked-up in the next couple days — KandORacing
  • trade you an FTE way 2 fast for an ho / o scale barn... — model40fan
  • I've got one I could trade you but not sure if it will work..... I'll send you pics later — KandORacing
  • cool, place a ruler or a quarter beside it for scale, thanks — model40fan

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