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Custom Carnage 4

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I would love to race in this tournament please 

Count me in, please!  Definitely my favourite tournament these days.

Edit: these now sent!

Put me down for 2!  Can't wait to get redemption from last time! 

  • Sounds great can't wait to see what you bring this time. Good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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RaginRicky 5/14/24

I'll build a couple and be back to try again

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Lily_the_Dog 5/14/24

I'll compete if there's still room.

  • Heck yes always enjoy having a little Lilly dog in the track. Usually one of Sidekick Sandy favorites — Comet_Tail_Raceway

I think I'll try to send 2 again. Hoping to improve on my poor performance from last time

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MWAI_Racing 5/14/24

MWAI would like to enter 2 cars

I'm game for 2

IN. 2.

Just noticed this said "no rubber wheels"... did others send in cars with rubber wheels before? Just curious!

  • Yes they did and did not qualify as they was unable to make it down the track. And it was my fault I should have said before no rubber tires. But I had no clue they would do so bad. — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • Ok, thanks... I never thought you would have to specifically exclude them as they are kinda known for poor racing performance but I guess you just never know! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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MQHracing 5/14/24

You know I'm in on this please 2 cars

  • Heck yes!!! I was waiting!! Good luck always glad to have you good luck getting the title back — Comet_Tail_Raceway

Would like to send in a couple cars for this race if still open. 

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