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Custom Carnage 4

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Willie_G1 5/16/24

 May I get a couple spot

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GryphonSoul 5/16/24

I'll be in with 2 my friend. Each entry I get closer to that #1 so I have to keep trying. :) 

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RLoRacing 5/16/24

In for 2

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GrumpyCloud 5/16/24

I'll send in 2!  This is always a great event.  Thanks for hosting!

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AbbyNormal 5/17/24

Please put me in for 2 cars if there is still room in this fandango. 

  • Ok will do good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • My first time in this event - car types are allowed / not allowed — AbbyNormal
  • Anything really you build it we race it. Except food cars ???? stay away from rubber tires. I have had a couple try and it's a no go on the track. Good luck. — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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jlane 5/26/24

If there's still space available I'd like to send in 2 entries.

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Foursix 5/27/24

I'd like to send a couple

Boog and Babygirl

Foursix Diecast Racing

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WallyChamp73 5/28/24

Hi, Rick

Can New Jersey Drive still enter??!!

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Sneaky_Bob 6/9/24

If there is any room left I would like to send 2 cars please.

Sneaky Bob

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