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Custom Carnage 4

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I'm thinking of sending in a couple of cars. Can there be exposed weights? 

  • Sure. Just be careful car is not to top heavy experience on the track says it tip over if your top heavy — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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CanesBart 7/9/24

Sent in our entries!  People here are so helpful!  For the first time, we made two cars faster than they were outta box!  With the help of Comet Tail, Dr. Dodge and others!   That JB Weld is nasty stuff, lol, but it works! Our first competition!  Hope we make YouTube!

SFTC Racing

I just finished my cars. I  tried to give this one a futuristic, interplanetary feel, with solar panels and reflective foil to protect the motor from the electromagnetic waves of your local sun.

I wanted to enter this lucid in cusom carnage 3 but didn't have it ready. It probably has the best set of wheels I have installed to date. I'm exited to see how it does. 

  • That's some detailed paint work....clever how it matches your logo. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Thanks. We figured out a standardized livery for all our cars. I copied my sister's art on another lucid that we have. — Roberts_Diecast_Motorsport
  • That is one awesome looking ride looking forward to seeing it run good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • Really cool paint job! — CanesBart
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FeralPatrick 7/11/24

Car #1 - Sophisticated Patrick. Car #2 - Feral Patrick.

Mine should be done by Monday night. Drift-N-Brake and a Sho-Stopper from the 2001 mainline. 

  • Excellent looking forward to it. Good luck can't wait to see them — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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Kingjester 7/14/24

It seems the arrival of my 2 entires got slightly delayed but they should be arriving by tomorrow 

Karl Wrecko on the left, Vinnie on the right getting shipped out!

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StrayDog 7/16/24

On the way!

Nitro Z and Maverick will try to get you some cars on time. In for 2 please!


  • Ok buddy make it quick as I am going to be another week out before races. Deadline was the 20th. But due to a few late arrivals and time trials I will be accepting a few days late probably no later than 27th. Good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • I will try to get them out by the end of the week — ManiacMotorsports
  • They could be a bit late, depends on shipping — ManiacMotorsports

Nitro Z's entry. My brother is working on the other one

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