Dallas Show and Go

Variation-Jason Saturday, 7/2/2011

Alright guys, we'll be at it again in Dallas! Most of you should know the rules, but if you don't, here they are.

Kustomz Magazine

The Dallas
Kustom Kon
Show & Go Race
August 4-6th

The Show & Go Race is an event that will test your ability to mix form and function.

We will open the event to sixteen entries. Eight entries will be invitation only and eight will be open enrollment.
There will be two individually scored portions of the event. The total score of both events will be combined to produce the overall standings.

The show portion of the event will be based on a peoples choice vote. Attendees of the Convention will be allowed to choose their top five favorites.The chosen cars will be awarded between one and five points depending on their rated position. All points will be totaled and cars will be ranked from one to sixteen. The first place car will receive sixteen points while the sixteenth place car will receive one point.

The race event will be scored by a single elimination bracket. Just as in the show portion, cars will be awarded points from one to sixteen depending on finishing order.The first place car will receive sixteen points while the sixteenth place car will receive one point.

In the event a car does not make it to the end of the track, it will be scored by the distance it completed.
Each entry will be allowed one re-run in case of an accident or off track incident. No modifications will be allowed to the cars between the show and the race or between race rounds.

The show portion will be considered a wild category and the race class is Unlimited. You are allowed to use any casting in any style as long as it fits on the standard orange track. The Unlimited race class allows the use of weights, dry graphite lubricants, custom chassis and wheel modifications. The only restrictions are to the physical size of the entry. The maximum width is 1.25 inches, maximum height is 2.75 inches and entries cannot be longer then six inches.

In the event there is a tie after final scoring, the race results will be used to determine final standings.

Think you got what it takes to be king of the hill?

Contact Jason@diecastspace.com for more details


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Jobe 7/3/11

You know I'm in again! Working on a new challenger!

We're only a few days away..... Who's in?

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Jobe 7/25/11

You know I'm still in...now to work on something new!

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