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Damnation Alley- An Adventure You'll Never Forget

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The Bottleneck Finish....very pleased with this Sizzler Track find/purchase, as it's in great shape and 48 years old.

Looking for some cool background shots for the diorama...this is very cool, but prints to dark...I'll have to consult with Speed Force on better color quality


I must admit I'm getting geeked up for this race....going to try and wait until October 20th to hold it, but I've got 90% of what I need and I know exactly how I want to build it....but the original release date was Oct 21st 1977...still going to try and wait and most likely will with some great races coming up and Corvette Summer looming.

Here is some pre-race premise moving forward...

The cars...think Mad Max or Death Race type cars, but you want to buy and build accordingly for some track type performance...loops and jumps.

Winning Damnation Alley...this will be a points race...the cars will square off once in each lane, and the entire field will race  each other...that being so, this may be a one(1) car per entrant race...I'll decide on 1 or 2 cars later. The 3D Botmaker Finish Gate will be placed between the loop section and the two lane jump...the car who get's through first will earn 1pt, then the cars will take the two lane jump into the open track section aka The Wastelands. The car who makes it through the bottleneck finish first will get 2pts, so a perfect score out of the two head to head runs would be 6pts. We will then determine the top 16 or top 8 cars...dunno yet, based on points and ties will be decided by coin flip or if the number of cars warrants a race off to determine the top 8 or 16, so be it...the cars will then be seeded (1vs8 or 1vs16) and the points reset to zero(0) and then we race the bracket for the Championship.

That's it in a nutshell...something different and I believe will be a lot of fun as well. 

Some cars that come to mind are Split Vision...Split Decision...Formul8r...Maelstrom....Motoblade...Project Speedster...El Viento.

...but not exclusively that list, but in line with the theme. That latest Javelin Forza and the Ice Charger from FnF line have that Mad Max type appeal and a Chevroletor has a Death Race type look as well. There will be a lot of choices...and also lends to some cool custom work as well most likely.

You can watch it for free on youtube...a recorded Joe Bob's Drive-In Theatre on TNT from back in the's still watchable to me even today and helped me with the build concepts moving forward being able to watch it in sequence.

...and the Landmaster was a real and functioning vehicle...very cool indeed. RLD'er escaping the Loop/Twister section of Damnation Alley!!!!

The Giant Scorpions have arrived to spice up the diorama for Damnation Alley...


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redlinederby 3/19/18
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Very cool...we've done some Mad Max races before and the cars that get made are always very cool. Here's the one I made few years ago, the Sunset Wagon.

  • That would be hellashish seeing that baby take the Loop section on!!! — LeagueofSpeed

Nice find for the diorama in the Loop/Twister prints out nice as well.

This will be a 32 cars event/16 teams.

Think Death Race or Mad Max/Road Warrior type castings.

The weight will cap at 47g...we might go higher in the future, but we'll start at 47g due to the loops.

Entries can be Stock or Modified.

Official Race Thread will be posted in late August/September.

Im in

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