DCR Opens tracks to public cars, video

GspeedR Monday, 8/25/2014

Hello everyone,

While my whereabouts here have been lacking recently, I've still been actively collecting & racing diecast...albeit on the down-low. I've also remained active in the DCR fantasy league on YouTube...but some of you already knew that.

For those of you unfamiliar with DCR(http://dcraction.com/)....They've set a unique standard for home-built tracks with several permanently built courses, complete with the scale buildings and model flora that we're used to seeing in model train layouts. Many of the courses use laser timing devices which allow racing statistics to be recorded. I've gained a lot of useful racing info over the years simply by watching cars race at DCR. But DCR has never opened their tracks to 'outside entries'...until now.

My Ferrari F40 on the "East Ridge" course: http://youtu.be/oFhjf1ujzPU

My CUL8R FTE on the "Northshore Hills" course: http://youtu.be/V8w4fjR4LWM

DCR is presently offering "Track Passes" on Ebay. When you buy the pass you also receive a rules sheet, which is simple enough to follow. DCR must approve your entries prior to shipping them in(you send them a photo). After 3 years of watching cars race there, I'm very happy to finally see my own cars racing on their tracks. The run times that were set by my entries are certainly not insurmountable and I welcome the competition from other RLD members.



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redlinederby 8/29/14
Site manager

It'd be great to see a Redline Derby Championship on a DCR track. I've reached out to the DCR owner for more details, so hopefully he'll reply back soon and maybe we can make something happen.

This has me thinking....

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