DDR: Dirt Devils (Weekly Dirt Series) Episode 11 live *Final - Night 2*

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022
Hosted by DDR [D1G1T4L Diecast Racing]
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D1G1T4L Thursday, 1/20/2022

When & Where

Wednesday, 3/02/2022

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Episode 11 | Finals - Night 2 | Group S


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Well the time has come! DDR is back with our first Pro event of DDR Season 2. The Dirt Devils Championship Racing League!

4 Classes
8 Drivers per class
5 Events (Alternating Tracks biweekly)
Points based scoring,
No DQ (Except for water Damage.)
Handicapped Rules: (If you finish last you start the next lap in first and so on up the field.)

All culminating in a Final 8 Lap Championship Showdown for each class! Take your Pick and find a seat in one of these amazing rides!
It's fixing to be one crazy Series!

Drivers: Pick your ride. Provide me with a Racer Name and Team Name and what car # and class you wish to run in! First come, first pick! (Red Dots have already been selected)

  • Driver Registration, Now Closed.

    Note: Formula Dirt runs as 4 teams of 2. Combined scoring. So find a teammate if you can! The top 2 teams will battle it out in the end for that class! All other classes run with individual scoring for each Driver. 

    Hope you guys are as excited for this as I am! Season 2 kicks off Feb. 15th with our 3 Part "Journey" Series! See you Racers 'N Chasers Soon! - D1G1


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Crazy_Canuck 1/21/22

Hey bud! The EH Team wanna sign up for the formula Dirt series...we choose the first set of blue F1's. Driver 1 is Crazy Canuck. Driver 2 is Indie Rayne. Pitter Patter Let's-get-at-er buddy!

  • Perfect you've got it! Good luck to ya! :) — D1G1T4L
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WallyChamp73 1/21/22


N.J. Drive Racing would like Late Models - 74 and 96.

  • Hey perfect! Those are some good choices! That class is all single points for drivers so who would you like in the 76 and then who in the 94? — D1G1T4L
  • In the 76 the Driver will Wally Champ. In the 94 the Driver will be Wood Grain. — WallyChamp73
  • Perfect! Its going to be a wild battle in that class! :) — D1G1T4L
  • Can't wait!!!! — WallyChamp73

Rust N Ruin Racing would like the Super Mods #2 - Driver: DemonPreacher

I don't have a partner, so if anyone needs one I can pair with them.

  • Got you locked in man! The Late Models, Micro mods and Super mods are all individual driver points scoring classes so you are good on a partner. I just paired up the Formula Dirt Cars since i had matching teams. Figured that'd switch it up a bit! — D1G1T4L
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Bolo_Brown 1/27/22

I'd like to sign up for a race In the super mods. I take the yellow and blue one.

Driver name Bolo Brown 

Team name Miniature Car Racing 


  • Sounds good to me! Thats a good pick! I went with a Dale Earnhardt Style Wrangler paint job on that one! #3 Bolo Brown! Glad to have you in another Race here on DDR :) — D1G1T4L
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Rusty_Rod 2/4/22

Hey sign me up in the late models,I'd like the blue 67 chevelle,team name is Rusty rods racing,driver name Rusty Rod,I'd like #4 for the number,thanks 

  • All of the Late Models have Full Seats now. Want a spot in one of the remaining Super Mods?! — D1G1T4L
  • Theres #8, #5, #55 And #29 Still open! — D1G1T4L
  • yea,I'll take#8 — Rusty_Rod
  • Sounds good to me man! :) — D1G1T4L

Those Micros aren't getting enough love, so can Scooter Roundwell take the wheel of the lime green #16?  Thanks!

  • Hellyeah i agree with that one! The Micros are gonna be a treat to watch! Youve Got it Brotha! :) — D1G1T4L

Sign me up legend! I'll go in the super mods...I'll go the Purple one please :)

team name Aussie Diecast Racing League - driver is Macey ....number 43 if allowed

cheers mate :)

  • That one is #29 kinda hard to see! :) Love that Purple! Glad you could join us! — D1G1T4L

cheers mate! let's hope it's fast too lol :)

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D1G1T4L 2/23/22

Ok so i have a little question for my Racers. Sooo with the micro mod grouping i didnt glue any of them back together. I plan to run the Series with them Cracked. I figure itd add an extra level of carnage! But with that being the case...

Do you guys think that if a car comes apart on a lap that they should miss the next lap?! Should this apply if any of the other cars happen to crack apart?! 

We are doing 5 lap races per group. Lmk what you guys are thinking! 

  • I'd race 'em till the wheels fall off. Debris on the field! Deathrace. — DemonPreacher
  • First Event is now in the bag! No worries on the carnage end it was a treat to watch and film! When cars do break apart i think the 1 lap penelty would be fair! Every single point is gonna make a huge difference over these 5 events! — D1G1T4L
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