Decals, anyone making their own

Mayfield41 Saturday, 4/4/2020

I have an idea what I want for a decal but my laptop is not equipped with the proper means of making my own design.  My question is if anybody is making their own decals would you be  able to create and print decals for a fee of course.


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LeagueofSpeed 4/4/20
Event coordinator

...are you talking about a logo???

  • Yes — Mayfield41
  • What do you have in mind — LeagueofSpeed
  • Pretty basic. I want a decal to out in the cars. I am wanting Mayfield at the top curved and the number 41 under it. The 41 of Stewart haas racing — Mayfield41

Paul I make my own but working from home I don't have access to the nice laser printer at the office. But I'd be happy to design a logo for you!

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LeagueofSpeed 4/4/20
Event coordinator

My youngest daughter does logos...anything hand drawn she can't help with...but she does fantastic work

  • Could she do something for me. I live in Kansas City MO. So maybe a chief or KC skyline — Mayfield41
  • I'll ask her — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thank you very much — Mayfield41
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Mayfield41 4/4/20

Something like that but with cool lettering and in black. 

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redlinederby 4/4/20
Site manager

In my experience, designing and logo and printing a logo are two separate challenges. Assuming you have a design you like...I've tried the print-your-own water slide decals and my success has been 50/50. I haven't tried it in many years as I no longer have access to a decent color printer.

But I'm sure there are also some "pro" services out there that will happily print decals for you.

Regardless how you go, share your photos and let us know how it goes.

  • I'm thinking kinkos or office max. Thanks all for replying — Mayfield41
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madmax 4/5/20

What does one require for equipment and supplies to print decals? I wish to make some very basic decals for the sides of some cars.. 

where do you find the material to go in the printer and what is that material

thank you

  • They sell water slide decal paper that can go into inkjet (and probably laser) printers. It's pretty pricey last I looked. — redlinederby
  • Probably find it on Amazon or just Google and find some. With Amazon and stores all iffy, not sure where will sell/ship at this point. — redlinederby
  • I get mine on Amazon. It's waterslide decal paper for laser printers. Of course, now that I'm working from home, I don't have access to that printer anymore. After you print and let dry, apply 2 coats of matte clear 5 minutes apart. After the second coat dries for 20 minutes, you can use them. — RustBeltRacing
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madmax 4/6/20

Perfect.. thank you so much

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