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redlinederby Wednesday, 9/30/2020
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A lot of the races League of Speed has scheduled have gotten delayed. For that, I apologize. I don't have any specific information about any of it, but I'm sure David (LoS) is just dealing with life events at the moment - it happens, and racing toy cars will always take a backseat to family needs (as it should). Hell, it took me 6 months to get a race back on the calendar, so I have no room to talk...just something we will all deal with at some point.

But, I understand that waiting and having your cars in purgatory is unfortunate. I also know that lack of communication is frustrating. I have no new information or details at this point. I haven't heard from him either.

However, if you want to pull out of any specific race and are requesting your cars back, you can post a comment below and be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name / Membername
  • What race event you entered
  • How many cars you entered a comment on an event-specific thread if you haven't already:

And 1 request/comment is plenty. Spamming a thread with comments doesn't make anything happen faster. We understand you're trying to get his attention but it just clutters up threads for everyone. Hopefully this thread will give you (and him) a single spot to deal with the transactions.

Again, I apologize for the delay of races and events (I have cars waiting too!). David is always looking to fill the race calendar and I'm sure things just got backed up. I know none of this was deliberate in any way - shit happens - and thankfully we're only talking about toy cars. 

I hope you continue to use Redline Derby as a racing resource and calendar for events being held by clubs all around the country. Thank you for your support.


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I'm looking for my May and June RLDRL entries, The modified Way Too Fast specifically since I wanted to send it to another race, 1 car each and two funny cars for Funny Car race back in July. 
(4) cars total. 

im also going to have to opt out of the Muscle Mania Race. I'm sure those races will be on the back burner anyway and if something changes I will re enter. 
Thank you.

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CrazyEights 9/30/20

That says enough for me if you can't get ahold of him. Something must be seriously wrong. I'd like to withdraw from the July funny car event.

Name: Mike Dooley,/ Username: Mike Doolzinski/ Team: EightOC Racing

Funny Car event...(2 cars) A Fossil Fuel funny car and an Extreme Sports (Chuy) funny car

I had already withdrawn from Muscle mania but was never taken off the board.

However I want to remain in the Z series event. That starts the new season and all remains RLDRL events for the remainder of this calendar year. I really hope all is well but I need to move on and continue fresh.

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NDeavers80 9/30/20

Yes it would be nice to get my cars back

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Peter_Bee 9/30/20

Thanks for this post Brian! 

I am anxiously waiting for my May/June Double-Header cars also. 2 cars.

I have 6 cars in the Poppa Speed Invitational, but heck, they're there so I'll wait for the event to finish.

Going forward, I am not sending any cars to a LoS event until he gets back on schedule, unless it's an RLDL Race....gotta chase the points!

I hope all is well with David and his family. And I hope to see him back at his normal self soon.

Thank you for this notice and assist getting our cars returned.

Tom Falbo / Your Nightmare Racing 

Poppa Speed Funny Car Race

2 Cars -> Speed Blaster Funny Car with blackened out stock wheels / Hot Stuff Funny Car

Thank you very much for your help in this.


First all is well and my apologies for the serious delays...we are in transition to get this house ready for upgrades galore in order to put it on the market for sale...I will return all the cars requested and we're planning on having Racetober here to get caught up and back on a of yesterday Tuesday we had stuff all over the floors to be taken to the dump or storage and couldn't have even setup a track...once again, sincerest apologies.

Peace and Speed 

  • Thanks for the heads up LoS. Real life can definitely throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. And selling a house, well, that is certainly an all-consuming endeavor. Once everything finally gets back to normal with your situation, I'm looking forward to racing at LoS HQ. — Peter_Bee
  • ...we're getting close to being back on schedule...real close — LeagueofSpeed
  • Glad you’re well David. If you need ever get too busy with races call me. I can take 1-2 off your plate. — BlueLineRacing
  • Definitely understandable. Family always comes first. I can wait until the races. I pray all goes well with the house. — GhostRacing
  • Thank you for the update LoS. All good here. I will message you again after DGP to arrange $ to post the cars on. Cheers, take care. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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ChiefWopahoo 9/30/20
2020 Rated Rookie

LOS - I'm very glad to hear all is well and understand the hectics when working to get a house ready for market. It ain't easy. Good luck with the sale when it's ready.

Would the Dixie GP be one of the events to try to catch up in Racetober? If so please hang onto the pair I sent in and give 'em a go. If you'd go ahead and throw some sweet axles on them along with whatever is needed to get them to competition weight, polish up the wheels, align it, test and rework as needed followed by a thorough wash and wax that would be great. 

(of course i'm just joking, you really don't have to wash them)

If that event is cancelled, would you please ship the cars back? 

Bruno - Team164B

Dixie GP

Two McDonalds Specials

Thanks - Bruno

  • DGP is going down...we had 5 teams get in after the 26th — LeagueofSpeed
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Mattman213 9/30/20

All I care about is that you and yours are doing well David and your post says it all so Im good.  You can hold all my entries that are currently over there for races that will be run.  Im excited to see how they fare.


  • All's well and looking forward to doing some racing!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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Mayfield41 9/30/20

Hopefully my may/June cars will be coming soon too. But get things right personally.  As long as I know my favorite stock comes home we good.

  • I gotcha covered...and something extra for you — LeagueofSpeed

I completely agree with you RLD, however should we anticipate these few races in the future? Or at this point do you feel that they are completely cancelled? I ask because most of the cars we all built were specifically for those races, and at this point I feel that even if the races happen in a month or 2 or 3 that we might as well let them sit where they are at. But if theres a chance that it's just not gonna happen then I guess we should request them back. Thanks!!! 

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NDeavers80 10/15/20

Has anyone actually got there cars back?  I haven't so I was curious

  • I have not — BlueLineRacing
  • No, but after David stating that same day that races will be happening in 'Racetober' I advised him to keep mine there. That was on September 30th... — Your_Nightmare
  • No sir. I haven't got my cars back. — CrazyEights
  • I had asked for what wasn't currently waiting to be raced back. Got a message on the 5th stating "your cars should be going out today. I'll send you a tracking number later" — NDeavers80
  • I still haven't gotten my cars from the May/June double-header. — Peter_Bee
  • Hmm... I didn't get any tracking number. — CrazyEights
  • What happened to Racetober? — CrazyEights
  • Hahahahahahahaha — NDeavers80
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RAGTAG_JIM 10/16/20

Heck with all the people pulling out I Mays well stay in Hahahahaha I may have a fighting chance.... As a new guy (since March of 2020) I've seen some of my cars loose and its all good..... LOS keep my prostock gasser and FUNNY car there.... Unless those races won't be happening.... If that's the case contact me here or on facebook and can arrange for shipping costs.... Hope all is good and have a great day!!

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