Lets see your desktop dioramas

Dj2112yyz Saturday, 5/15/2021


Super cool!

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Dadvball 5/15/21

More "on the work bench in the garage" but I don't have room at the office. The Plymouth was done a long time ago by a friend from another board. I did the truck many, many years ago for a Mad Max type theme custom contest on Swifty's Garage. I'd been wanting to do something with the truck for some time so your post got me going. 

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TheMakersBox 5/15/21

From a Three Blind Mice Build 

Currently looks like this . . .

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Dj2112yyz 5/16/21

My custom built teardrop that I need to finish painting. The fenders are from another forties die cast and the rest of its all aluminum except for the paper clips. And a few full suspension lifted trucks 

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Dj2112yyz 6/23/21

Just a few diorama picks.

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Playz 6/29/21

hi all new guy here and well I think I've found a home...!!

here are a few of my diorama works..I just enjoy the whole process of building these things

  • Nice job Playz, they all look awesome. — Dj2112yyz
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