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Diecast Euro Cup 2022 FULL ROSTER

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Numbskull 1/19/22

Please count me in for the remaining 3 races.  I already have the cars on hand.  Leaning toward a McLaren, but I'll build a Lotus just in case.



Numbskull Racing.

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RLoRacing 1/19/22

Count me in for all 3


  • Roster filled but you're first in line to take a spot for the McLaren/Lotus series if ya want it! — Live_Young_Diecast
  • Yea I’ll take it — RLoRacing
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ShannonBR 1/19/22

In for the rest of the series. (Porshe, Lambo, McLaren)

Driver - Gus BR

Team Down Squad Racing


  • Roster filled but you're next in line for a McLaren/Lotus spot if ya want! — Live_Young_Diecast
  • Gus! My mistake. The spot was held early and I missed it. Apologies. — Live_Young_Diecast
  • I guess I’m confused. I thought I was already in for the entire Eurocup. I must have misunderstood. That’s ok. If someone drops, let me know. ???? — ShannonBR
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James_B 1/19/22

Hey! Super keen to enter the Lotus/Mclaren race! I've got a Lotus all ready but just needing paint. I'll be sending from NZ so will look to send by fast post, before the end of Jan. First time entering a race too!

Driver: James Brook #4

Car: Lotus Espirit

Team: Big Smoke Racing

  • Hi James, the roster is full however we would love to have you race with live young diecast as soon as possible. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you come our way! — Live_Young_Diecast
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Hartbeat 1/19/22

Hey Jude from Hartbeat Racing is in! 

Thanks everyone for jumping in! Looks like we've got a FULL ROSTER for the remainder of the tournament. I'm sorry there isn't room for more but as I mentioned, time constraints are in place. I will sift through the thread and figure out who makes up the remainder of the roster and I'll post an update on Thursday!



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Big_Al 1/21/22

Aw dang!  A day late and a buck short.  I was looking forward to these too.

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Numbskull 3/8/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Shipped w/ priority.

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