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Diecast Squid Game 2023

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Sam_Haul 3/2/23

Sounds fun, I'm down.

I'll take a shot at this ! 

  • #023 — SquareCircleTriangle
  • It says DO NOT NUMBER our cars ! So I have to ask a stupid question ....IS this my number #23 ? — RoadrageRacing
  • Question ! If the car comes from the bubble light green (or in that family) do we have to paint it ? or is the factory green ok? — RoadrageRacing

Sounds interesting. I will give it a go!

Sounds interesting, I am in

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Luthrell 3/2/23

Count me in. War on I4 Gravity Racing.  

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Kingjester 3/2/23

Green is already my go to color so I'll gladly take a shot at this,you can count kingjester in

  • #065 — SquareCircleTriangle
  • Just to ask 2 small questions if our car is already green is that fine,because I have a rally cat that’s already full green and it would just be a simple matter of getting rid of the logos on the side and adding white stripes to match the suit on squid game,also since you’ve already assuaged us numbers would it be okay if we put that number on our car? — Kingjester
  • The car must be solid light green paint or plastic — SquareCircleTriangle
  • Your number is assigned and will be added to your submission upon arrival — SquareCircleTriangle
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Dretty 3/2/23

I'll take a spot!

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MQHracing 3/2/23

I will give it a go even though I have no clue what squid games is.

MQH racing

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PuffsRacing 3/2/23

Sounds like fun I want in 

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Numbskull 3/2/23

Count me in please.

Alright count me in. Hopefully it's at some tracks I haven't lost at yet. 

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RaSungod 3/2/23

Sign me up for a crack at this!

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