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Diecast64 Races, Red Pill, JL vs hot wheels, FOTF!

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I enjoyed your post and I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the videos on my channel. I try to throw out little nuggets of knowledge in my videos in sometimes I threw out more than I meant to. Lol.

I'll stand by my statement that Johnny lightning cannot compete with Hot  Wheels  Or some of the older matchbox superfast as long as graphite is allowed. I 2nd what Nick Deavers said, LJLRC E does not allowed lubricant of any kind and that is why the Johnny lightnings can run with some of the Hot Wheels. Cars like the matchbox laser wheels are only average until you add graphite and then they can turn into elite cars.

You are also right about the track set up making a difference. Cars that are dominant on my track are sometimes outran by less dominant cars on my track when they go to diecasts 64. Cars can totally run different based on the track.  Height of the drop and total flat run out or whether it's an all downhill track make a huge difference. The only way to find out what works best is through testing and that takes time. People who run at the front almost everywhere are guaranteed to have put in a lot of time testing.

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Supra80 12/7/19

Great to see you post Rep Pill! I'm telling you it's a conspiracy with those fairmonts, just like NASA. :P

After watching your latest on the matchbox, I'm starting to thInk that they may finally get those fairmonts before a JL has a chance. Much respect to you for sharing what you do, I know the chasing of elite speed can be quite costly in terms of $$$ and time. I've got quite a lot of lasers from a few years back that were pretty good but I've never tried graphite on them.

You may want to hunt down some matchbox Dodge Daytona superfast/lasers and also the Halley comet series of three. They can be very fast.

The thing about JL vs HW, I understand now the context around racing at LJLRC and that could paint a distorted picture about JL supremacy. However there were races posted on this forum from years back when it even got a little heated and the JL cars won many times on different track setups (those races allowed graphite). Also if I'm not mistaken, the quarter mile races at diecastracerx have been dominated by JL in the past other than that matchbox bus.

  • I've tried many JL castings:, Classics, muscle, vans and modern castings. The only 3 JL's that I've seen or heard about over the years that can compete with HW's or top MBX's are the BWF Camaro, Spiderman Van and one of the Boogey Van's but not sure which one. Like Red Pill, I test A LOT. Not as much as my brother Red Pill does, but everything I race is tested fairly and speed doesn't lie. I just ordered a NIB BWF this week. I'm perform magic to the wheels and video the test with my top tier cars. Cars which I've either won with or been in the championship rounds do not touch the cars in my top 10. If Birdco happens this year, I'll be sending my top 2. It will be very exciting to see how a 69 Camaro BWF stacks up! — Your_Nightmare

Th jls were dominant in the past at diecastracerx but recently MDG has dominated with Hot wheels cool classics.

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