How to bank turns with flat track, Diecastracerx style

Tracanas_DCRPT Monday, 5/11/2020

Hey guys, I'm pointing my post do Diecastracerx, but if anyone can help I appreciate it.

My tracks are also slot track based, but I'm having some issues about banking my turns ... How is it done?

Another thing that I've spotted is that in diecastracerx tracks, their turns are literally covered in tape. Any particular reason? 

On a side note, I think his tracks are the best for me for now. I'm not talking about video editing etc, just the tracks. The fact that they are really long makes the races more fun to watch, I'm curious about the length of those also.


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redlinederby 5/11/20
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I haven't talked to DRX at all but just seeing his tracks has me think the tape is to cover the slot car slot itself so the cars don't get stuck in it and ride it down the track. At least that's what made sense to me seeing his build. 

As far as banking, I can't think of anything except using tape and cardboard on the slot track. You can warp the slot car track a little bit if you can secure it down but even then it won't be much since it's rather rigid.

  • But he only covers the turns? On mine ive tried to cover the straights, but it makes sense what you've said... I've thought of using an hot air gun or a hair dryer to warm the track to bend, but it's hard to do without disassembling the track... — Tracanas_DCRPT
  • Btw, thanks for editing. — Tracanas_DCRPT
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NDeavers80 5/11/20

You can actually get banked slot car track. 

The corners are covered so the cars don't bounce threw them the straights don't need to be covered because the cars are going well straight. I had built a slot car based track in my garage but I took it down because I wasn't happy with it. 

  • Thanks for the info. I've seen some banked slot tracks but they're not easy to find, that's why I've asked if they could be bent... Maybe I'll try to mask those curves to see if it makes any difference — Tracanas_DCRPT
  • For sure, I have some banked turns in my slot set - totally forgot about that. But yeah, they'll be more expensive...I'd tried mocking up your own with cardboard or whatever first. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 5/11/20

For your banked turns, I got the idea to bank my turns from an old slot car blog - this image here is the principle I used wiht my palight as well, to make both my turns.

I also found this blog, from a slot car search. Maybe it will help you as well (it's very old school website, like original blog look) but these guys were making a slot car track from scratch

  • Thanks, I'll definitely check that out. But that only works on 180 turns, I have a 90 and 2 180, I'll test that when.i can. — Tracanas_DCRPT
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