Dirty 30's Drag Race

Sunday, March 5th, 2023
Hosted by Flying Donut Diecast Racing
FlyingDonutDiecastRacing Saturday, 1/28/2023

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It's time for some good old fashioned fun. No electronics, no bull crap, just man and his machine. So dust off that old hot rod, grab yourself an ice cold bottle of Nehi and let's go racing!

This race is open to both Stock/Light Mod and Heavy Mod classes, no weight limit. Both classes will be ran together and are competing for one prize, there will be one winner. Class descriptions posted below. Casting must be based on a vehicle from the 1930s.

To enter, send your car to Flying Donut Diecast Racing at PO Box 786, Jonestown, PA 17038. Be sure to enclose a note with your car stating your driver and/or team name. All entries should be received no later than Saturday, March 4th. Please include a $5 per car entry fee, $3 from each entry will be put towards the first place winners take home prize. The other $2 will be put aside to purchase giveaway prizes for future races, help offset the cost of the PO box and shipping fees, and put towards charitable events. If you'd like your car to be returned, please include a note stating so with appropriate return shipping.

Hope to see you there!




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SpyDude 1/28/23

Sounds like fun. I'm in for at least one, maybe one in each class.
Any limit on internal weight for the modded class?

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Endcount 1/28/23

I'm in for this one!

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Numbskull 1/28/23

Count me in please.

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Uncle_Elvis 1/28/23


Ca$h Money in! I missed the potty race so i want to be sure and get in this one! No weight limit?

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NDeavers80 1/28/23

I'll enter a mod

I'll be there.

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RAGTAG_JIM 1/28/23

Already there hahaha

Grayboys_Racing  is in for one unmodified 1934 Chevy Master Coupe

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WillyMaykit 1/31/23

Starting my build(s)today Donutsan!

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RLoRacing 2/1/23

I've been meaning to send one so this'll be my first at your track. I just picked up a 30s casting this weekend for it 

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SpyDude 2/1/23

I will be sending in a stock entry and a modified entry.

(Technically the "stock" entry has had its wheels smoothed and lubed, but the car is undrilled and in stock livery.)

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