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Dixie Gran Prix 3

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Shipping out sometime next week...  Fingers crossed dad doesn't mess up the address... LOL

Here's my team.  They'll be leaving for North Carolina tomorrow morning.

Mock Up...everything fitting nicely 

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TheMakersBox 9/15/20

Team Maker's Box entries are ready to go!  A Carbide and TurboStreak.

I decided to go with factory issued cars, right off the assembly line from......  

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ChiefWopahoo 9/19/20
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PM sent for shipping address. I had in my messagers at one point but for some reason I can't see any older messages. Would you mind re-sending?

Thanks - Bruno

  • If you're having issues with the PMs, shoot me a message and give me some details...if something's broken, I need to fix it — redlinederby

I can't see my older messages either can u please resend it?

  • If you're having issues with the PMs, shoot me a message and give me some details...if something's broken, I need to fix it — redlinederby
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Mattman213 9/22/20

My entries are on the way!  I really wanted to resto/mod some classic castings like a few of yall but ended up having to hurry to get them together so I went what I had.

L&M is fielding my two quickest castings when tested stock.  Stock wheels/axles with the typical tweaks and weight added.  I let Momma and Lukie pick their driver colors.  Suckers are really quick for being such simple builds and 10g less than normal.

If we used the cream of the crop for L&M then we used the cream of the crap for mine for sure.  Old beater matchbox that Ive had for a while and some random POS China casting.

The red unknown casting is short wheelbase and was super tough to even get close to weight limit.  Its plastic chassis and brittle as can be so it wouldnt surprise me if Bootleg doesnt chew it up and spit it out.  Im almost entering it as a sacrifice to the track...maybe it will get its fill on this car and leave the rest alone LOL.  Funny thing is, it was a pain to get a decent alignment on it and it still likes to lift a wheel from time to time...and then roll flat other times BUT it SCREAMED down my test track.  I almost fell over after its test passes.  If it holds together and can make a turn...the red nugget might be ok!

The Matchbox car is not much better...and might be worse.  It was too fat for orange tracks as it came and took some doing to get it right but it was looking great until testing.  I didnt screw the base on (accident) and on its 3rd test run it derailed and literally disintegrated as it barrel rolled along the floor.  It was awesome...except that it happened the SAME DAY Im trying to ship them out.  It was bad enough that Luke went and got his Firetruck HA!  I got it back together with some super glue and screwed the base on like it should be and Im hoping itll be enough.  Once again...if not, itll be super awesome to watch destroy itself on the Bootleg!


  • I love seeing bits and parts in the jig ashtray. Dunno why, seemed so frivolous when I added it but looky there... — redlinederby
  • Both mine are filled with axles, spacers, screws and other odds n ends — Mattman213
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ChiefWopahoo 9/23/20
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My bone stock McDonalds Specials are in transist as well. If they dont make in time for the races no problem, line 'em up on spectator row and let them enjoy the action.

- Bruno

Is there any update / indication of what is happening with this event?


  • HAHAHAHAHA — Uncle_Elvis
  • Since this event was scheduled for 9/26, and the Poppa Speed Invitational was originally scheduled for 8/8 and still hasn't been run, I wouldn't hold your breath. LoS races are severely backlogged, and he still hasn't returned cars from a race he held in July. — Peter_Bee
  • Several times now he has promised that races were running and footage would be posted. Even promised a whole month of racing in October. Complete waste of time to ponder upon this or any other subject pertaining to this man. — EightOCRacing
  • Yeah, thanks guys, I appreciate that, but had to try and ask the question regarding this event. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

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