Dollar Tree Hot Wheels track

Rusty Thursday, 10/8/2020

I think this might have been posted before.Just incase,our local DT has some of the nice, long Hot Wheels track,two pack,for guess what price??

Yep a buck.Pretty neat deal.


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Peter_Bee 10/8/20

Yup, I bought the last 80 feet at my neighborhood DT

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KPS_Kustomz 10/9/20

This is awesome...I'll be hittin' our local DT tomorrow after work...KPS KUSTOMZ & LO LIFE KLASSIKZ

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Chad_G 10/15/20

Thanks for the great tip!  I just bought 10 packs for my first drag strip track!

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MDG_Racing 10/18/20

Dollar Tree online. Whole case 48' only $24+tax. Local store pick-up. Easy and should order early for Christmas. Also selling loops and launchers. Great stocking stuffers or gifts.

  • Good call, nice they offer to sell by the case. Can't beat 50 center per foot! — redlinederby
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