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Downhill Diecast Drags

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Mattman213 3/3/20

Go_time nailed it, these things are A++ amazing and I can believe I brought two of them home.  Can't say enough good about the event and every single person who had a hand in it!


  • Couldn't have happened to a better competitor! Happy you won! — WorpeX
  • Ha thanks!!!! — Mattman213

Glad to hear that you guys like them, and you each definitely earned them. We actually have the talent at our shop to have made them more realistic looking, but we fiqure that since fun is a critical component we want to build into this event, and it's way more fun to do the cartoonish thing, that's the way we went. Even though I hand a hand in making them I'm pumped that I got one to keep as well - Bruno

  • I dont doubt yall coulda made them super realistic but the cartoonish look is spot on perfect for this use! — Mattman213

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