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MikeS Friday, 11/8/2019

Hi, novice guy here...How does one calculate the length of a Hot Wheel drag race track to call out a rough comparision to an actual drag race strip length?

For example, if my track is 23', when that is scaled down would it be called a "1 mile" drag race?

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Dadvball 11/8/19

1/4 mile in 1/64 scale is 20.625 feet, so start to finish is just a tad over 20'-6". That's based on calculations someone did on another hobby site. 

  • Thank you - Just getting back into this and I thought there was a discussion sometime back as to how to determine, just can't find it. — MikeS
  • I just update the reply you read. We have 3 tracks about 23' long at LJLRC and I always assumed there were about 1/4 mile. — Dadvball
  • Actually 20.625 feet is 20 feet 7 1/2 inches. — NastiNatiRacing
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redlinederby 11/8/19
Site manager

Check out the bottom of the Tracks section and you'll find a handy calculator for converting scale feet.

Or you can find it here as well: www.redlinederby.com/tracks/calculator

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SavageSpeeder 11/10/19

I did some calculations

  • these are rough estimates... (keep in mind I'm only a Junior in trig) — SavageSpeeder
  • I don't even know what you just did. Never took trig :) But it looks cool — redlinederby
  • thanx just simple sine cosine and tangent. ever heard of Soh-Cah-Toa? — SavageSpeeder
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