Drag Track finish gate

Dadvball Sunday, 7/7/2019

Does anyone know if the finish gate can just be wired directly to the transformer to make it work?  I'm letting the club use my 3Dbot maker 2 lane finish because they aren't available to buy at this time and we badly need one. I have a Drag Track set and as I'm having issues with one of the drop pins I thought I'd cannibalize the finish gate.  I had hoped to get a MaxTraxx at Hobby Lobby but they aren't in the stores anymore. On line pricing is ridiculous considering they have their own issues.  So I'm trying to make due with what I have available. 


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LeagueofSpeed 7/7/19
Event coordinator

I would think you could straight wire it and make it work...seems like there was a thread a couple years ago about reworking some of the Drag Tracks components...Good Luck with it and miss you on the tracks.

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