Drag Track Foot Pedals Problem

aircooled Monday, 9/26/2016

We are visiting our grandkids, and racing Hot Wheels. I'm having a problem with one of the foot pedals not releasing correctly.  I'm trying to figure out how to take them apart.  Being plastic looks like everything snaps together.  Any help on how to take apart would be great.


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fordman 9/26/16

they were tough for little kids to get right so i converted to push button [thumbs] 12 volt car starter button and had the racers hold the switch in hand... pix here somewhere...

BUT... i still have a pedal with about 6" of wire attached.... it is yours if you send me your address...

 see ya...smitty

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FOTF 9/26/16

Is the trouble in the pedals, or in the pins which release the cars? I remember that, on ours, we had to disassemble the starting gate and bend some metal wires back which held the pins up to get it to work better (especially with heavier cars, and maybe even low-fronted cars).

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