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aircooled Monday, 11/16/2015

I have a DT and the only problem I have has it getting the metal tabs that drop to release the cars to work every time.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the fix?  I have taken the metal tabs and polished them, put graphite on them but haven't really found a good fix.


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Traction-Event 11/16/15

Do you have the power supply? Or are you still running off batteries?  I had very similar issues, until I added the power supply, this eliminated 95% of the release issues I was having. 

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2seven 11/16/15

AC, (ha, AC for Air Cooled) anyway,

   the problem lies in the little metal pieces on the inside holding the tabs and less the tabs themselves. I also am working through this problem. I recently had a family party and there were a lot of kids playing with my system, being a toy I though it would be fine, it is now acting up. I just need to baby it to get the results and make a more reliable change in the future.

  • pins are fragile, and so are the solenoids...springs... etc.. — Traction-Event
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Diecast64 11/16/15

I was having some of the same issues, especially with heavier cars, even when using the power supply. I read somewhere (I think in one of the threads here on RLD) to spray some cooking spray like PAM on them.  I gave it a shot and it helped quite a bit for mine. 

  • anything over 80-90g is tough on my system... — Traction-Event
  • Cars with low front ends can be a trouble maker for mine at times. I'm debating shortening the start gate pinds — KandORacing
  • *pins — KandORacing
  • The release system is kind of simple, but like Traction-Event said heavier cars can be a problem. — aircooled
  • A release system like what is used with Pine Wood Derby Cars would be the ticket. — aircooled
  • I'm looking to build a track with a plexiglass flip-up start gate sometime. — KandORacing
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2seven 11/17/15

Update,  I called Jegs and discussed the problem and without hesitation they informed me they would replace the unit. They said I could send them the faulty part back and they would send a new one. I opted to buy another one switch out the bad part and send back for a refund. The entire call took 5 minutes!

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2seven 11/18/15

You all will love this, so I get my new drag tracks in less than 24 hours (awesome, right), not so much I plug in the new launching tower and only 1 lane timer display works. I am astounded, this was my 3rd replacement which will now require a 4th......the saga continues (glad its not a liver). I need to learn circuit boards and build my own!!!!!!

  • Lol, probably the one that Jeg''s had me send back 2 years ago that had that issue. — KandORacing
  • That really does suck though, sorry about your experiences. It's irritating when things work out like this — KandORacing
  • I'm gonna assume this is a product issue and not a Jeg's issue, they seemed quick to act — redlinederby
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