Drag track starting gate question

Dadvball Thursday, 6/1/2017

I think I'm having a problem with the drop pins lately. It seems when the pins release one make take slightly longer to drop than the other. So the car in lane 1 has a little jump on the car in lane 2. When I switch lanes it does the same thing. Has anyone had this problem or something similar, and can anything be done to fix it other than replacing it with something else. Hopefully sooner than later I plan on buying the 2 lane start and finish from 3DBotMaker but I'd like to get this fixed in the meantime. I haven't taken anything apart but I'm also wondering if the solenoid can be replaced.


There was an older topic about this I believe? I think it was in the "All things Drag Track" window.

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Dadvball 6/3/17

Thanks for the tip. I did find a post from FOTF and I ended up taking it apart. I found the pin to have a very slight bend in it and it was getting hung up. Straightened it out and it's releasing really good right know. 

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