Drag Tracks sections cheap at Summit Racing

72_Chevy_C10 Wednesday, 8/28/2019

The track that I have been using for years is the Dragtracks system...they are a stiffer plastic and I think they work great! 

Right now, Summit Racing has the track sections on sale for just $8.99 for 4 20" sections...just go to Summit racing and do a search for dragtracks...I'll post a link.

Just thought I'd share a good deal :)


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72_Chevy_C10 8/28/19

Here's the link...


  • That's a good deal. Stock up! — redlinederby
  • 1/2 price even up here in Canada. Good deal indeed. Probably get hit hard on the shipping though. But that’s like everything I buy or ship for racing. Part of living north of the border. — 41-14
  • Is a great deal - but won’t even ship across the pond to the Uk until the end of November sadly — RobertBcfc
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Diecast64 8/28/19

I picked up a bunch earlier in the summer for that deal and I'm in the process of using them to build a big 4 lane track.  I won't be utilizing the Dragtracks start or finish line, but it should be pretty cool.  I have also found it hard to find the total system these days.  JEGS and Summit do not have them anymore.  I'm guessing Dragtracks is going out of business or discontinuing?  Hence the sale price at Summit.  Anybody know any more about the future of the Dragtracks system.  It would be a shame if it is being discontinued.  

So basically each pack is 6.5' of track

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redlinederby 8/28/19
Site manager

I haven't seen or heard much of anything about DragTracks either. I always felt like they were a step-child of sorts. They were marketed as a nice all-in-one package for the kids but not taken seriously otherwise...which is a shame. The system is pretty solid and eliminates some of the maintenance problems that come with orange track.

I sold the DragTack set I had but only because by that point I had invested a lot into the orange track and wasn't interested in switching platforms.

Availability was always the issue since it was online only at seemingly only a few places. Their "official" web site is still active and seemingly accepting orders but it looks like it hasn't been touched in years (I'd almost say buyer beware).

A while back, one member (Smitty) made some orange-to-drag track connectors by carving up some cheap outlet covers from Home Depot.

  • I think the site is still active. I emailed yesterday asking if they shipped to the UK and got a response (albeit saying, yes but unsure of how much postage will be) within 24 hours. I’m going to put an order in and see how it goes. — RobertBcfc

I think the Dragtracks finish line was more reliable than MaxTraxx

  • I agree. I liked the DragTrack free hanging paddles rather than the flat ones. — redlinederby
  • Starting to see the limitations with the Max Traxxx finish gate in all my test runs. Since the 3DBotMaker gate is no longer available, it looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get the six lane setup just to get the finish gate. — SinisterGrackle
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72_Chevy_C10 8/29/19

Yeah, the start line wasn't really the best, but I ran a lot of races through mine before it died. I think the track sections are pretty darned good though...they are just slightly wider than orange hw track and the sides are just a little higher...I don't think I've ever had a car jump off the track with all the races I've run.

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