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DRAG TRACKS - Slot Car Timer

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model40fan 1/18/15

Wow, calibration frustration...

  I messed with it for hours, couldn't get lane 1 finish to show a [2]...  I used [4] grey A-oks trying to figure it out...thinking that that would help calibrate...

  Well I am the dummy here, I swapped in a grey phone cable so as not to mess up the lane connections... Duh !... I guess that there are more wires in the factory blacks than the greys... Changed back to the factory blacks... I got the [2] instantly...

When calibrating the start, # [1] when calibrated, will be inboard on both lane's readout screen... The finish line, # [2] when calibrated is on the outside of the screens...

 Only lane 2 wins and flashes reaction time...

 Re-calibrated... Lane 1 wins and flashes... Enough...Going back to bed...

  • so you got this sorted? or no? 6 wire cable vs 4 wire? — Traction-Event
  • 6 wire, but maybe a bad factory cable, radio shack this noon... — model40fan
  • no at radio shack, best buys, lowes and wall mart... — model40fan
  • they are called RJ 12's, 6 wire standard size phone jacks. $2.59 for 14'... — model40fan
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model40fan 1/18/15

calibration problems changed lanes when I swap the cables, one must be bad... ordered 2, 14' long...

  • here's hoping...solid problem solving — Traction-Event
  • hope stroller has had better luck. — model40fan
  • I haven't been able to build a track yet, but sitting on a table they seem to work but ar highly — Stroller
  • susceptable the orange track moving around and lights going on and off in the room. — Stroller
  • My plan is to paint the track boards flat black and the track under the towers also. — Stroller
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fordman 12/9/15

FOR SALE ; DRAG TRACKS - Slot car Timing Towers...above are the pix showing the... "DT. slot cars timing set" ... start gate and finish line come with a PVC pipe and steel SLOPPY STARTER STAND  ... 1/2 the original price + new cables = $43.50 plus shipping from 04210 for the set...

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