Repairing the Drag Track system

Popsnova Monday, 2/24/2020

I know a lot of the discussions about the "Dragtracks" system is from around 5 years ago. I also know that it seems to be discontinued at most stores.  With that said,  I'm just getting into 1:64 drag racing,  my granddaughter enjoys it as well.  Being a real drag racer, I really like the idea of the driver input.  I like the "tree" and elapsed time etc...

I purchased 2 Dragtracks sets on Ebay but they were both broken. I then purchased another one used that works. I really like it but it doesn't always work.  I would like to do some modifications to improve the system and make it more consistent. Where can I find info on repairing and modifying this system? Anyone I should contact? I would rather have the red system because it shows reaction time if anyone knows where I can find one... thank you all!


I found adding the power supply helped greatly with the pins dropping consistently. That being said depending on the height of the car being raced, I will stage the drop pins. The stock solenoids are weak, I never invested the time to upgrade. Once I staged the pins I could get consistent release on both sides

note height of drop pins in these two pics

stock height of pin

In this pic I set the car against the pin and then slid it down with the weight of the car keeping the pin lower. This reduces the amount that the pin has to slide on the body of the car. 

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Popsnova 2/26/20

I see... that's very helpful, I'll definitely look into that. If I wanted to upgrade the solenoids where could those be acquired? I have some power supplies,  what are the power supply's specs? Maybe I have one . Is there any resources,  forums etc. Dedicated to upgrading and modifying these track systems? I appreciate all your help and advice. 

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redlinederby 2/26/20
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You might want to hit up Team164Bruno through PM as he has several Drag Track units and has customized them a bit to be more reliable. He's also chained 2 together to release from one he knows the guts pretty well.

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