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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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Check out the cars racing in the Mineral Water 600 at Springtown Motor Speedway.

Heats 1-16 of the Mineral Water 600 at Springtown Motor Speedway. 

  • Nice. Will try to get this into next week's report — Chaos_Canyon
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Javajim 6/26/20

Another great round up guys, great work as usual. I for one watched to the end????????????. Fantastic to see so much variety surrounding this sport. With more and more tracks and sites appearing by the day I'm pretty sure you should not be short of content for the DSPN. Have a great weekend and looking forward to the carnage that will no doubt happen on Chaos Canyon.

  • Thanks :) there's plenty of footage out there but I only use footage that they've given the ok to use, and unfortunately not everyone gets back to me - there are at least 6 key tracks I'd love to put in the report but have not contact with them, despite trying. — Chaos_Canyon

I spied a new track...dont know who it is but looks decent.

  • Cool, thanks. Hadn't seen this one. Looks like a nice track. Have reached out to them to see if they're ok being added to the report — Chaos_Canyon
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Javajim 6/28/20

Fraser Ridge Raceway Update: All change at Fraser Ridge the white snow look has gone as the styrofoam has been sealed and painted with a few colour washes thrown in for good measure. I was happy with the track testing using many different types of cars so i could lock down the track configuration. I've started now putting the next level of detail onto the track with the start of the retaining wall on the top section track and the tunnel entry and exit. still got much more planned but overall happy with progress todate. 

  • Looking so good dude. That photo really sets it all off nicely — Chaos_Canyon
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Javajim 6/29/20

Fraser Ridge Raceway gets some additional detail in the form of 3 workshops/garages for the teams to prepare their cars before and during an event.

  • Very cool, looks great. Well done! — redlinederby
  • Thanks Redlinederby, for taking the time to comment any for the encouragement, very much appreciated. — Javajim
  • That looks epic! Love the lighting in there, very nice — Chaos_Canyon
  • did you buy them from somewhere or hand build them? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Hi Chaos, I found someone here in Indonesia who hand builds them. I paid about 35AUD$ for each of the three garages. Given the detail and the integrated LED lighting I thought they were a steal at that price. — Javajim
  • He does a few different models. These are the standard ones, two different designs. He also does some larger ones and different variations. So as I said they start at AUD$ 35 each — Javajim

Heats 17-32 of the Mineral Water 600 from Springtown Motor Speedway.   C-mains to follow next weekend. 

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Javajim 7/4/20

Some additional tools arrived at one of the garages on Fraser Ridge. Need to get all the cars ready for the opening racing event.

  • Very nice. Are they the Greenlight ones or from somewhere else? — Chaos_Canyon
  • No, they are from the same supplier who built my garages. — Javajim
  • Throw a link up for the guy - he does good work. — SpyDude

loving your videos. I'm a new Diecast racing channel and would love it if you guys could take a look at my channel and give us a shout out :)

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Javajim 7/5/20

On Fraser Ridge today I tried out combination of colors for the brickwork of the tunnel entrance and exit. Made a couple of advertising boards to check out how the hold up on camera. Also made the first batch of many Pine trees. My aim for the track is that it should blend with the background picture. I want Fraser Ridge to look as if it is part of a much larger mountain range.

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9sdiecast 7/10/20

In the latest Hot Wheels Race (from 9's Diecast), witness a dominant performance!

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Javajim 7/12/20

Tree planting on Fraser Ridge highest peak.

New test video after planting so many trees ???? ???? ????